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Emperor Yoshi

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Emperor Yoshi
If you are reading this, then I applaud your intelligence, if you want to talk to me, go to my talk page. Also, please leave mail in my mail box if you want to talk, thank you for your time, fellow superior beings.
Rank Banned
Species Yoshis
Gender Male
Allies Almost Everyone
Likes The 'Shroom, baseball, video games, reading, and Cuban Pete
Dislikes Miis, oppose-it-all users, vandals, Mario Fan 123, UltraMario3000, DrToadley, and little children
Age 13

I have chortles at those I scoff at!

Emperor Yoshi

Emperor Yoshi (also referred to as GalacticEmpressVampireYoshi, GEVY, and 4DJONG) is a two-year veteran of the Super Mario Wiki. He has formulated a plan to take over the Mushroom Kingdom, and he is willing to give it to any one that asks.


He found the Super Mario Wiki when looking on Google for a Mario Wiki with more information than the Mario Wikia he was previously a member of. He logged on after stalking the wiki for a year. Nearly three years later, he lost his password for his "4DJONG" account and made a new account.

On September 25th, Emperor Yoshi was given a two-week ban from #mwchat for perverted comments and trolling. (They did not have his host name though) He reloaded the page by accident, but was quickly re-banned by chatroom operators. An extra two days were added to the ban for evasion.

As of now, he is un-banned and is against DrToadley being an op in The chatroom #fantendo, as he believes that Toadley has not reformed, and is still a troll bent on spamming the chat. He agrees with MCD, and several others, on the definite falseness of what Toadley has claimed.

He was banned from Userpedia and the Chatrooms on September 19th, 2011.


In the chatroom, Emperor Yoshi regards himself as "insane". He describes himself as insane and perverted in real life. Also, he has stated that he has a crush on a girl at his school, A "friend" of GEVY's told her the first day he told the "friend", apparently she already knew. But she does not know the full extent of it though. The crush has a boyfriend that is not GEVY, and has become rude to him. GEVY does not know why she is rude to him and only him. Those facts has caused GEVY a great amount of grief. GEVY has a crush on the "friend" who also seems to like him back. Which then fell apart months later. GEVY can tell you the full story if you (the reader) desire.

Physical Description

Emperor Yoshi looks like a Yoshi with all of his colors looking inverted from normal Yoshi colors.


Trolls' Island

Emperor Yoshi appears in Trolls' Island as a minor character. He is first seen in #mwchat "chatting" with Paula. Then somehow he managed to get to the Wiki Woods, unfortunately, Palkia47 scared him away.

A Spammers Revenge

Emperor Yoshi is set to appear in A Spammers Revenge as a minor villain. He is technically the first person to appear. In this comic, Emperor Yoshi has been revealed to be the ruler of the Nega Zone. He is portrayed to be mad.

Chat discussions

<GalacticEmperorVampireYoshi> GT is on #userpedia
<Smasher_101_the_Yoshi> So?
<GalacticEmperorVampireYoshi> Just saying.
<Nerdy_Maid> S101: So what?
<Fuzzipede27> He's on userpedia
<Fuzzipede27> He said GEVY is now a enemy
<GalacticEmperorVampireYoshi> Wait, I am supposed to the dick on chat, not him.
<Smasher_101_the_Yoshi> O_o

GEVY and friends messing around in Chat

<GalacticEmperorVampireYoshi> Giggity Giggity Goo!!!

GEVY's Quagmire imitation on Chat

<Ashley_> Witch?
<GalacticEmperorVampireYoshi> Bitch.
<Ashley_> GEVYS Abitch!}
<GalacticEmperorVampireYoshi> Which witch is the bitch?
<Ashley_> whats a bitch?
<GalacticEmperorVampireYoshi> A female dog.
<Ashley_> lol

GEVY telling a nine year old what a bitch is.

<GalacticEmperorVampireYoshi> WTF
<Fassad> ..............
<Fassad> Okay
<BMB> Now is not the time to suck up.
<GalacticEmperorVampireYoshi> I have mental aids now.
<Fassad> Now that is just weird
<Fassad> Please do not say that again
<Fassad> BAd thoughts

GEVY learning that Ashley(who is Purple Pixile impersonating her) loves Aldo.

<GalacticEmperorVampireYoshi> FUCK HIM.
<Anton{HWToad}> We probably should
<Dr_Toadley> Perhapes?
<MrConcreteDonkey> Lol

GEVY telling to fuck someone, and other people agreeing.

<GalacticEmperorVampireYoshi>The girl I like asked me who I like, she mentioned almost every girl I know but herself and a few others, she simply could not figure it out.
<SLNO> lol
<GalacticEmperorVampireYoshi> I was thinking about telling her.

GEVY tells about how his day PWNED.

<Kingbowser99> Yo, ho, ho, and a bottle of cum
<Kingbowser99> *Rum
<Kingbowser99> Crap
<GalacticEmperorVampireYoshi> O_.
<Smasher_101> O_o
<MySweetLord[Away]> ...That was... wow.
<MySweetLord[Away]> ...Uh...
<Smasher_101> ...
<MySweetLord[Away]> ... How'd you manage that, bud? o_o

GEVY does not know how that happened.

*** lulz has been kicked by GalacticEmpressVampireYoshi (GalacticEmpressVampireYoshi)
<lulz> OP ME

GEVY learns the power of the almighty kick.

<DP85> ( . ) ( . ) <<<< boobz
<GalacticEmperorVampireYoshi> BEWBZ

GEVY and a random person talking about breasts.

<GalacticEmperorVampireYoshi> I have thought about suicide, rape, taking over the world, my gay half, and transexuality.

GEVY talking to himself about his psychological problems.

<GalacticEmperorVampireYoshi> I want to take a ride on the disco stick.
UltraMario/TEWA has left #userpedia
<GalacticEmperorVampireYoshi> I think I scared him off.
Mario_Fan_123 has left #userpedia
Mario_Fan_123 has joined #userpedia
<Mario_Fan_123> Is GEYV gone?
<GalacticEmperorVampireYoshi> NO
<Mario_Fan_123> Oh no
Mario_Fan_123 flees!

GEVY scaring users.

<GalacticEmperorVampireYoshi> I love pissing off n00bs.
<GalacticEmperorVampireYoshi> I just pissed off many people at Transformice.
<Smasher_101> You p*ss off everyone sometimes
<GalacticEmperorVampireYoshi> Well at transformice, those people were n00bs.
<Aldo> olol
<Smasher_101> I'm not a noob
<GalacticEmperorVampireYoshi> Not you.
<GalacticEmperorVampireYoshi> The other people.
<Smasher_101> Fuzzi's not a noob
<GalacticEmperorVampireYoshi> Sometimes he is.
<Smasher_101> MF123 and UM-are actually

GEVY Loves to make n00bs mad.

<GalacticEmpressVampireYoshi> Being thankful for Obama?
<GalacticEmpressVampireYoshi> HELL NO
<iJorg> XD
<Turkicey> ...
<Turkicey> lol

GEVY does not like Obama as the US president.

<GalacticEmpressVampireYoshi> WOW
<GalacticEmpressVampireYoshi> Miley is n00b.
<Mileycyrussoulja> What do you mean im noob?
<Smasher_101> ...
Smasher_101 hides
<GalacticEmpressVampireYoshi> "That emoticons so cool! :mario: :luigi: :bowser: :peach: :toad: :shroobnana:"
<GalacticEmpressVampireYoshi> THAT
<Mileycyrussoulja> so?
<Mileycyrussoulja> It is!
<Mileycyrussoulja> I just found out about them
<Mileycyrussoulja> :kirby: :link: :ganon: :samus:
<Mileycyrussoulja> And these are extra cool!
<GalacticEmpressVampireYoshi> Miley, you are the only one who cares about the emoticons.
<Mileycyrussoulja> Thats not entirely true. Aldo does too.
<Aldo> :cry:
<Smasher_101> XD
<GalacticEmpressVampireYoshi> A n00b n00bed Aldo.
<GalacticEmpressVampireYoshi> What is this world comming to?
<Mileycyrussoulja> Does anyone have a list of emoticons?
Aldo soars to the sky with his noob powers
<Mileycyrussoulja> wow
Smasher_101 shoots Aldo out of the sky
<Mileycyrussoulja> *Aldo uses fart power to boost back up
<Mileycyrussoulja> And he is VICTORIOUS!!
<Mileycyrussoulja> *audience cheers*
Aldo is caught by the dog that laughs when you shoot ducks down
<Mileycyrussoulja> OH WOW
<GalacticEmpressVampireYoshi> What is this I don't even.
<Mileycyrussoulja> Why does everyone say "What is this i dont even?"
<Mileycyrussoulja> Why dont they finish the sentence <Smasher_101> That's the way yoursupossed to say it
<Anton{Hypnotoad}> lrn2internet
<Mileycyrussoulja> o,o
<Mileycyrussoulja> o.o

GEVY wonders how n00bish someone can possibly be.

<Red_Barchetta> =spin is Wile E. Coyote
* GameServ spins the bottle for Red_Barchetta and it lands on...
<Red_Barchetta> ...
<Red_Barchetta> =spin is Wile E. Coyote
* GameServ spins the bottle for Red_Barchetta and it lands on...
<BugsEevee> ...
<Red_Barchetta> =spin is Wile E. Coyote
* GameServ spins the bottle for Red_Barchetta and it lands on...
<Red_Barchetta> WHAT THE FUCK
<BugsEevee> XDDDDDD

GEVY gets picked by Gameserv three times for the same thing.

<GEVYTHEFUGGLE> Apparently I'm an insult.
<Count_Bonsula> no gevy i love you

Just imagine...



  • Emperor Yoshi is an Atheist.
  • He is very obsessive over certain things.

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