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Elemental Heroes

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Logo for the story.

Elemental Heroes is a story being written by Toadbert101.


Volume I

Volume II



  • Ultima Bahamut (Plasma)
  • TehDman (Earth)
  • MarioBros777 (Ice)
  • Master Crash (Electricity)
  • Purple Yoshi (Plantlife)
  • Super-Yoshi (Water)
  • The Missing Link (Fire)
  • Toadbert101 (Air)
  • Toa Waluigi (Magnetism)
  • Uniju (Gravity)
  • Xpike (Sonics)


  • SnackServ
  • Plumber
  • Master Lucario
  • Lario (Stone)
  • Darkhero Sonic the Dark
  • Beanbean
  • Alphaclaw11

Other Characters

  • Steve
  • Shrooby


  • Elemental Heroes was originally planned to be a comic, then turned into a story, then turned into a game and has been brought back to the story. There were no issues or chapters of the beta versions.
    • Images from the game's time
  • Some story aspect ideas have been taken from Jackie Chan Adventures and Bionicle, both of which the author always liked when he was younger.
  • Just for giggles, the original sign up sheet.