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Eight is an adventure story being written by Neptune. Set in the middle ages of the Wiki World, King Neptune of Bowserpedia sets out with seven different companions to stop the dreaded Hangman from ultimately destroying the rule of users.



The Eight

  • Lord Neptune - Wields Posious, the Trident that Neptune created in the first age
  • Wario Bros. - Wields Svelt, legendary sword of Bowserpedia
  • Son of Suns - Wields Curac, a stave
  • Willy on Wheels - Wields Fargarar, Spam wand from Willypedia
  • Pikax - Wields Grandfofh, A powerful axe of Bulbapedia
  • Sir Pantaro Paratroopa - Wields Hargeth, a hammer of the Mario Party Wiki
  • Pontifex Shroobario - Wields Fantengroth, Fantendo's legendary Bow
  • Blue Koop - Wields Guthborun, dark lance of the Barrow Downs

Major Heroes

Minor Heroes




  • Like most of his work these days, this story takes inspiration from Tolkien's Legendarium.
    • It also takes alot of inspiration from the Fire Emblem series and the Legend of Zelda series.
  • This story deals with users who are either retired or banned, and not users that are currently around.