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Edo Versus Walkazo/Chapter 45xx

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This is a side chapter.

Drawn by Mr. Edo

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"I swear by the name and glory of Iveen, goddess of life and healing, likewise by the entities that granted me this gift, and call to witness the spirits of all my forefathers that honored this craft, that I will observe and keep this sacred oath to the utmost of my judgment and ability."

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"I will commit myself to the art, treat it not as a profession, but as a way of life, like my master did before me, and like my students will do after me. My master's teachings I will honor, and I will study dilligently, to bring forward this school of magic, but never to distort its original intent or to abuse the powers I am entrusted with."

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"With regard to the needy: I will first protect the imperiled from harm, never to let the innocent suffer through my inaction. The injured I will treat to the best of my ability. I will provide this service in honor of the art, never for personal gain. I will not withhold treatment from those who need it, regardless of their history, social standing, or ethics, unless doing so would conflict with my first and foremost duty as a white mage."

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"As an agent of life, I must protect the lives of those in need at all costs, even under threat of my own. I am prepared to endure loss, hardship, pain, and even death to ensure the survival of those I am sworn to protect. I will inflict no injury upon others unless inaction would allow the innocent to come to harm. I will use no lethal force until all other options have been exhausted."

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"I acknowledge that the art of healing belongs to no one culture exclusively, and will not make claims to the contrary. Those who are willing to follow its path in sincerity, I will teach the art. I will ask them to take this oath, and instruct them responsibly and carefully, like my master did for me."

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"I will be virtuous, but humble. Wise, but not overbearing. Assertive, but patient. (Mostly patient)."

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"To honor and protect the sanctity of life, and to prove myself worthy of wielding its power, I vow to uphold and abide by this oath in whatever way I can, in life, in hardship, and to my dying breath."

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