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An edit is one of many ways a user can contribute to a wiki. When a user makes an edit, it is added to their log of contributions and, on some wikis, their Edit Count. Often times, users are promoted based on the quantity and quality of their edits (as well as other contributing factors, such as activity and responsibility). Edits come in a variety of sizes. The smallest type of edits are often referred to as "gnome work", in which case, one just generally fixes a typo, adds or removes a category or template, or adds or removes a link. The largest ones are usually labeled as "rewrites", "expansions", or "overhauls"; these types of edits involve adding or removing mass amounts of information and/or wiki coding to articles. Another common form of editing is vandalism; these types of edits are made by trolls, and are considered a major offense amongst the wiki community; these types of edits are usually reverted or deleted, and the editor will either receive a reminder, warning, or ban. Edits can also be performed by uploading an image.

Types of edits

Edits can be used for three different purposes: communication, maintenance, and adding information to articles.


When used for communication, edits are usually performed on talk pages. Communicating via User Talk pages is probably the most common method of friendly communication on the wiki. Many users make friends (and enemies) by editing each other's User Talk pages and leaving comments. Administrators generally use User Talk pages when handing out reminders and warnings to wrongdoers; removing said reminders and warnings from one's talk page is considered to be an offense, and will often result in another warning. Even Administrators are not allowed to remove reminders and warnings from talk pages; rather, they must void them by striking them out. Casually conversing with other users via any type of talk page except for a User Talk page is considered a form of spamming.

During projects such as proposals, merges, and rewrites, talk pages are also used for communication, only on a more professional level. Users may discuss potential changes to be made to articles, templates, policies, and the like via talk pages. Many article splits and merges have been decided through talk pages.


Maintenance is a form of editing that is usually considered "gnome work". Maintenance covers many different aspects of editing. Adding or removing categories and templates, fixing typos, repairing double redirects, creating disambiguation pages, labeling pages for deletion, reverting vandalism, and updating MediaWiki pages are among the many types of maintenance-based edits. In the early days of the MarioWiki and Userpedia, edits like these were almost considered invaluable — users who made many edits like these had a low chance of seeing a promotion. Nowadays, gnome work is considered just as important and valuable as a major rewrite to an article.

Another form of maintenance is adding tables to articles. Since creating tables is tricky and often requires a lot of wiki coding, it's generally not considered "gnome work".


Overhauls — also referred to as "rewrites" and/or "expansions" — are among the most significant types of edit one can make. These types of edits often involve rewriting entire sections of articles, removing poor content, or adding paragraphs of information to an article. Although gnome work is considered an important part of contributing nowadays, many users still consider overhauls to be the most valuable type of edit around. In fact, many users are remembered for the massive amounts of effort they would put into overhauling an article to make it of good quality; prime examples in this case include Stumpers, Son of Suns, Stooben Rooben, Time Q, and Marcelagus.

Top Ten Editors

MarioWiki (outdated)

  1. RAP
  2. MCSoulja
  3. Son of Suns
  4. Stooben Rooben
  5. Cobold
  6. Sir Grodus
  7. My Bloody Valentine
  8. Xzelion
  9. Wayoshi
  10. KPH2293


  1. Edofenrir
  2. Super Mario Bros.
  3. SonicMario
  4. Dr. Death Defying
  5. RAP
  6. Don't Fear
  7. Katana
  8. Marioguy1
  9. Scarecrow
  10. Mason