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Dr. Javelin

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[22:52] <Dr_Javelin> Hey Quizmo.
[22:52] <-- Quizmochillingwithfamilyguy has left irc.darkmyst.org
[22:52] <Bulbasaur> i killed him
[22:53] <Dr_Javelin> Words fail me.

Dr. Javelin and 2257 (Bulbasaur), chat
Dr. Javelin
Javelin Lakitu.png
Member of: 3-Point List
Rank 3-Point List
Species Lakitu
Gender Male
Allies Yoshiwaker, Tabuu, Nabber, 2257, Scarecrow, Goomba's Shoe15, to name a few.
Likes Dota 2, Minecraft, Bioshock, TF2, Skyrim, Star Wars, Star Trek TNG, strategy games, Homestuck, winter weather, Lord of the Rings, sci-fi
Dislikes Bad grammar, summer weather, MLP
Aliases twinArmageddons (forums (past)), Jack Noir (chat (often), forums (past)), Mewtwo (not MW), Shadowsiege (not MW), Walhart (forums (past)), Viridi (forums (past))
Age 18 years (Real Life)

Dr. Javelin (full name Jackson "Javelin" Noir) is a user of the Super Mario Wiki, the Mario Wiki forums, Userpedia, and an infrequent visitor to chat. He is also Yoshiwaker's older brother.

He typically just goes by Javelin these days because his full title sounds a bit pretentious.


Joining the Wiki

After watching his brother Yoshiwaker edit for a time, he kept pointing out errors that Yoshiwaker was missing. He decided to join the wiki himself on May 24, 2011. However, he was fairly inactive, though he did make a few good edits.

Joining the Forums

He eventually found his way to the forums, and created an account on July 8, 2011. Since then he has become very active and semi-active in chat. He switched his name to twinArmageddons after reading Homestuck, and later switched his name to Jack Noir because of controversy about Homestuck fans taking names that had been used before (twinArmageddons had been used by Yoshiwaker previously).


After many failed attempts at securing a Userpedia account, Javelin finally obtained one after Tabuu created an account for him on September 8, 2011.

Fanon Appearances

The Four Kingdoms

Javelin appears in The Four Kingdoms as the leader of the Green Faction. Little is currently known about his motives and personality.

Typical Tragedy

In Tabuu's story Typical Tragedy, Javelin Noir debuts in Chapter 22 and revives Tabuu after the latter shipwrecked near Noir's house. Javelin is a Sage, a user with no elemental affinity- meaning he's able to use all of them. Javelin acts as a mentor to Tabuu and his party when they arrive, teaching them the nature of the elements and a new technique, Sense Synchronization. When the group leaves for TVTropes, Javelin travels with them, and during a battle with the group of Subs finishes Sub-Stumpers with a pan-elemental javelin throw. Javelin also assists in the final battle versus Zanza.

Because Javelin has no elemental affinity, he is relatively weak in each of the elemental areas. He usually aids the team by giving tactical advice and training. Javelin also uses his control of all the elements in several surprisingly effective methods, such as changing enemy attacks into healing energy and his signature attack, a javelin throw that combines all the elements with devastating effects.

Adventure of SK

In this story by SKmarioman, Javelin appears in his Lakitu form in a future timeline where he is gigantic in size. He attacks the heroes throughout the present-day timeline, but his true motivation is only revealed when he combines with Fly Guy 2 to create a super form. However, they are defeated by the Super forms of SK, UltraMario3000, and GalacticPetey.

Suicide League

As Jack Noir, Javelin appears as a Olympic athlete who is suspected by Goomba's Shoe15 and his group of committing a robbery. After visiting his posh neighborhood and meeting his Deku Shrub butler Jenkins, they meet Jack Noir. After Uniju lays out their evidence, Jack confesses to the crime and admits that he was bored so turned to crime as a thrill ride. ThePremiumYoshi reveals that he has been taping the entire conversation, so Jack attacks. After dropping a bomb off the roof, aiming for civilians, The Premium Yoshi jumps off the roof and eats the explosive, sacrificing himself. Jack is then apprehended by UltraMario.

Project Aviate

Javelin Noir appears as a licensed doctor (with degrees in psychiatry, psychology, and as a general physician) who is a good friend of Hector Faustino. He enjoys sniping at Hector in chat and in person, but helps him out by driving him around and offering advice. Javelin makes his living in Mario Wiki by offering his medical services to both the legal side and the illegal side of town.

Tales from the Moon

Javelin appears in his Lakitu form with a brief role, demonstrating the "class system" as Bones narrates. He is seen leveling into a "Level 1 Javelin Scholar" and fights with a "Abstract Equine Nightmare".

Pokémon Black and White - Wiki Edition

Javelin sprite.png
Javelin Noir
Ace Trainer
Nuvema Town
An experienced yet brash young Trainer from Kanto. Thinks very highly of himself and of his Pokémon.
Hydro Pump
Ice Beam
Skull Bash
Rapid Spin
Ice Punch
Double Team
Ice Shard
Night Slash
Sleep Powder
Mega Drain



When he first joined the forums he was pretty rude for no apparent reason, which earned him a (deserved) bad reputation, but he eventually calmed down and most people are okay with him now. He'll casually post on the forums and rarely gets worked up over much these days.

Javelin is a poli sci major and libertarian, so don't try to talk about politics with him unless you're prepared for a long conversation.


I've always found that most continuity problems can be solved by a dash of creativity.

Dr. Javelin, Forums

Dr. Javelin?
More like Doctor Doom.

MST3K responding to Javelin's World Domination thread, Forums

i probably only like marisa so much because i'm a sucker for the color purple
it's like my one weakness

Dr. Javelin, Forums, referring to Marisa from FE8



  • Dr. Javelin plays the bass clarinet in real life.
  • Dr. Javelin wears glasses, even though he is only fairly myopic and could probably go without them.

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