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Doshi was the pet of Paper Jorge until his death. Jorge and Doshi used to live in Paper Plains but recently they moved to New Wikisburg, where they resided in a part of Wayoshi's house. Although Doshi was made a long time ago, he did not receive his first comic appearance until Friday Night Live, about one year after his character was made. Originally Jorge had planned to kill off Doshi because he never made comic appearances but some time later he decided to keep him. Doshi is actually based of Jorge's Yoshi Kid he got in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door. Doshi is lazy and can be rude and loves coffee as shown in Friday Night Live. He is careless, leaving the whole FNL show without a host for several minutes in the first episode.

In Jorge and the Family, Beanbean mentions that Doshi left Jorge because he didn't want to be part of "thisfamilysh*t." His role of Jorge's pet is replaced by Poochy. In The Tonight Show with Jorge Castillo, Doshi is mentioned to have died between the three year span of Friday Night Live and The Tonight Show. He makes a brief appearance in Episode 6, after Jorge uses a time machine to travel to the past. In said episode, Jorge mentions the cause of Doshi's death, which was fireworks. The show instead replaces the role of Jorge's pet with Wilson the Headcrab.