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The Doom and Darkness Duo

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The Doom and Darkness Duo
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  1. 13 November 2007
  2. 5 September 2010
  3. January 2011
  4. 30 June 2011
Gender Male
Allies Fawfulfury65, BabyLuigiOnFire, Mr bones, Tucayo, Edofenrir, Neptune99, MrConcreteDonkey
Likes Video Games, Being creative, Being destructive, Spicy food, Storms, Reptiles, Furries, Gamzee Makara, Sadism, Insanity, Schadenfreude
Dislikes Trollers, swearing, Ice and cold, Gamzee Makara, Boredom, Dolphins, Existence, GODDAMN SPIDERS
Theme(s) Just Like You, by Three Days Grace OR MK Ultra, by Muse

Psychopath Thought:Guaglione

Specialty/Most Active Dabbling in various activities on the wiki
Aliases Doomship 2 & any variant of Doomship 2, Frostyfireyoshi, Rise Up Above It, BronzeRayquaza, BronzeGroudon, CobaltLugia, Guilmon, Lizalfos, Dark Lizalfos, Arcanine, Bec Noir, Doomy and many other random and temporary nicks in chat
Score Score
  1. Around 1,500
  2. Over 100
Age Age
  • Real World: 16
  • Wiki World: Infinite chaos
Personal information Real Life Stuff
  • Date of Birth: 16 January 1995

Doomship 2

Doomship 2
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Species Airship
Gender Male
Moves Doom Storm, Bullet Barrage, Bob-omb Barrage, Troop Deployment & Bowser Breaker.
Theme(s) Airship Fortress, Super Smash Bros. Brawl or Mausam And Escape, by A.R.Rahman
Aliases DS2, Doomship



Physical Description

DS2 is an SMB3-style airship, very long, tonnes of cannons (Bob-Omb & normal) & Bill Blasters, a few Bob-ulk cannons, a small mast on the bow, behind his eyes & mouth(red+black), made of short Blasters that create a Bullet Bill crossfire, traps, spike pits, Giant Rocket Engine thrusters on the back, elite troops, Tank carriers, Scorchers (1-man craft with a rocket engine weapon) & Spiked Scorchers, a Treasure Ship covered in spikes & Bob-Ombs, plus the Mega Spiked Scorcher operated by Lord Bowser if he is in command.


Member of: Site
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  1. User
Species Spiked Hammer Bro
Gender Male
Allies Doomship 2, Mr bones, Neptune99
Moves Spike Hammer Throw, Spike Boomerang, Spike Shell, Elite Troop Rush & Mega Spiked Hammer.
Theme(s) Grievous and the Droids, by John Williams or Wheel Gator
Aliases FFY, Rise Up Above It, RUAI



Physical Description


Member of: Site
  1. None yet
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  1. User
Gender Male
Moves Draco Meteor, Hyper Beam, Dragon Claw, Twister.
Theme(s) RAYQUAZA or Mecha-Drago
Aliases BR, BronzeR

Not much is known about BronzeRayquaza, except that he is a bronze-colored Rayquaza and that he is supposedly the "true form" of The Doom & Darkness Duo.



Physical Description


Trolls' Island

The Doom & Darkness Duo made their debut as major characters in Mr bones' Trolls' Island and its comic successor. As the comic version is still running, it is unknown as to whether they will have the same scenes and roles as they did in the original, where they appeared as both antagonists and allies to Mr Bones & co.


Frostyfireyoshi (as Rise Up Above It) is set to appear as the main character in Doomship 2's story. Doomship 2 will also make a minor appearance.

Dragon Problem

The Doom and Darkness Duo (as Guilmon) is a recurring background character in I heard you have a dragon problem? He is first seen hiding in distress under a table at the mayor's party thanks to Anton's peanut-based psychological abuse.

He comes out after Walkazo sets the table on fire, but is eventually captured by giant tentacles summoned by Anton during the battle against Giant Mario, at which point Anton covertly swaps his pants for a mana-boosting snack from K's Pizza. Guilmon is released when Anton is knocked out, and when he is unable to find his pants in the rubble of city hall, he uses the fallen city flag as a makeshift sarong for the remainder of the comic. Catching sight of Guilmon at a critical moment during the final showdown gives Walkazo the idea to use a giant tentacle to trap the mayor, thereby allowing her to deliver the killing blow and save the community. Guilmon is last seen as one of the hypnotized supporters of Anton's mayoral bid.


Thanks to Edofenrir's page, this user spends some time looking at TVTropes...

Real Life

Doomship 2




During his time on the Super Mario Wiki, this user(currently known as Rise Up Above It) has made several good friends and more than a few good acquaintances.

Mr bones

Mr bones is one of Frosty/RUAI's best friends. They seem to get along very well and often like to chat using their talk pages. It should be noted that the title of this page and the short name 'Frosty' were first used by Mr bones (mainly referred to as 'Bonsey' by FFY/RUAI) to refer to Frostyfireyoshi. Frosty sometimes asks him for help if he needs it, and (occasionally) so does Mr bones. However, Frostyfireyoshi and Bones seem to share some rivalry in "doing evil". Frostyfireyoshi once created a sock named Doomship 2, which he called "his boss". Mr bones recognized both were the same person but was not very sure, until Frosty admitted it and said he wanted to change his username to "Doomship 2", but did not know how to do so. Later, Fawfulfury65 blocked Doomship 2, explained MarioWiki: Changing username to Frosty and everything returned the way it was.





One of RUAI's best friends. They first met in chat, but before that RUAI was (and still is) a big fan of the comics created by Neptune99 and Scarecrow von Steuben. They quickly became friends in chat, often joking around & generally having fun (regardless of whether other users think of it as noobish or not). RUAI regards him as a great spriter. In #userpedia, both of them tend to start random humorous discussions or battles with other users, the biggest of which being the Great User Battle of Chat on 16 November 2010. RUAI often hangs out in #dreamland, one of many chatrooms currently owned by Neptune99.



Most people in chat or on the wiki


<Doomship_2> *RAYQUAZA theme playing*
Doomship_2 is now known as BronzeRayquaza
<BronzeRayquaza> A wild RAYQUAZA appeared!
<UltraMario_TEWA> ...
<BronzeRayquaza> The wild RAYQUAZA used Roar!
<BronzeRayquaza> The wild RAYQUAZA fled!
<BronzeRayquaza> Trainer: NNOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! T_T
<MrConcreteDonkey> NNOOOOOOO!!!! T_T
MrConcreteDonkey commits suicidiness.”
BronzeRayquaza appears, #userpedia

<Doomship_2> Join Poochy in his epic quest to free Dreamland from trollish evilness!
<MySweetLord> I TROL U
<Doomship_2> MSL: U NO TROL ME
<MySweetLord> Y U DO DIS?
<MySweetLord> Y U BE LIEK DIS?
<Doomship_2> Y NOT?
<MySweetLord> :
<MySweetLord> :(
<Doomship_2> >:]”
Doomship 2 and MySweetLord messing around, #userpedia

“No logic is worse than screwy logic. x_X”
Doomship 2

<Rise_Up_Above_It>: I like `bottle; it's a great new evil thing
<Rise_Up_Above_It>: `bottle is awesome
GameServ spins the bottle for Rise_Up_Above_It and it lands on...
<GameServ>: CountBonsula!
<Rise_Up_Above_It>: `bottle is awesomER
GameServ spins the bottle for Rise_Up_Above_It and it lands on...
<GameServ>: UltraMarioBeddehbai!
<Rise_Up_Above_It>: `bottle is most awesome
GameServ spins the bottle for Rise_Up_Above_It and it lands on...
<GameServ>: Rise_Up_Above_It!
<Rise_Up_Above_It>: poor Bonsey”
RUAI likes the new `bottle command and does an MCS

[20:22] <Neptune99> he won't do anything, but he'll still think Doomship is real
[20:23] <Neptune99> ...
[20:23] <Neptune99> [20:22] <Neptune99> he won't do anything, but he'll still think Doomship is real
[20:23] <Neptune99> what the fuck did i just say xD
[20:23] <CountBonsula> what the hell
[20:23] <CountBonsula> iT ALL MAKES SENSE
[20:23] <CountBonsula> That's why we've been mistaking people for Doomship
[20:23] <Neptune99> that's going as a quote on my page
[20:23] <CountBonsula> because he isn't REAL!!!”
This is apparently why people are mistaken for this fictional Doomship 2/RUAI guy.



  • Rise Up Above It is Arachnophobic.
  • RUAI is also dyslexic, and has Asperger's Syndrome and Dyspraxia. But you would never guess...
  • RUAI is a big fan of the band Muse, along with Neptune99, Time Q, Bloc Partier & Scarecrow. He is also a big fan of the band 30 Seconds To Mars.
  • RUAI has been mistaken for/called out as 27 other users: SmartyGuy11 once confused him with Black Hole Sun; Toadbert101 is adamant that RUAI is Tabuuownsall132x2; Neurario's stats for #userpedia once mistook RUAI and Smasher 101 to be the same person; Mr bones once thought RUAI was Aldo; RUAI has speculated on whether he and 2257 could even be the same person due to their incredible list of similarities with each other; Palkia47 thought him to be GEVY when RUAI used GEVY's font type in chat as a joke after GEVY was banned; MrConcreteDonkey told him that he is also Nerdy Guy due to all the typos he constantly makes in chat; Bones said RUAI is actually MCD and then MCD decided that RUAI is also Anton, Bones, Edofenrir, Noah, N, UltraMario, GalacticPetey, Dr. Javelin, Palkia47, N64Dude and Supremo78. Then MCD accidentally called RUAI QuizmoManiac and Marioguy1. By no coincidence, RandomYoshi has been assimilated. MCD struck again with Baby Mario Bloops. In irc he was mistaken for Steve by PikFan. Because of a name change on the Mario Boards, 2257 kept confusing him with MST3K. He assumingly said he had been called out as Brock previously, but since he hadn't, chalk up another. And due to DragonFreak apparently becoming Smasher, by extension she has been assimilated into the RUAI Collective of users.

<CountBonsula> and I have one thing to say to sum up the whole thing
Bonsey's final words on this matter.

<Rise_Up_Above_It>: http://knowyourmeme.com/memes/nic-cage-as-everyone
<Rise_Up_Above_It>: this must be why I am everyone
<Rise_Up_Above_It>: I am Nicolas Cage
<Anton{Hypnotoad}>: :O !!!”
RUAI's theory.

<br=clear all>

  • RUAI is also Miami.

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