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Dog Edits Dog

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Dog Edits Dog, also known as Canis Canem non Edit, mea Posteriores is a catch-all collection for stand-alone joint venture comics and potentially other media depicting interactions of two or more users and/or non-users, mostly but not necessarily of a competitive manner. It is an open collection and can be contributed to if you wish to publish a session of your own.

Some of the individual sessions contain side chapters that were either contributed by people other than the main participants, or submitted as a diversion with little impact on the overall story. Canonicity of these side stories may vary depending on the session.

Individual Sessions

"Hey Mason"

Main contributors Gabumon, Puddin
Characters involved    
in main story
2257, Mason the Magikoopa, Mr. Edo, Sonic the Hedgehog, SiFi
Date of creation November 2, 2013
Status Finished

Mr. Edo challenges Mason the Magikoopa to a duel because he is kind of a dick.

"I heard you have a dragon problem?"

Main contributors Mr. Edo, Walkazo
Characters involved    
in main story
2257, 3K, Anton, The Baby, BMB, Banjonator1, Bowser, Bowser Jr., Catherine the Birdo, Cirdec, Crocodile Dippy, Donkey Kong, Dr. Javelin, DragonFreak, EpicNitwit, FireEevee, Freakworld, GalacticPetey, Gamefreak75, Giga12, Ghost Jam, GBAToad, Koopa Troopa, Lakituthequick, Lario, Literal/Book Golem, Luigi, Mario, Mario4Ever, Marowak, MCD, Mr. Edo, Neptune, Neurario, NEXandGBX, Nysic, Pantaro, Porplemontage, Princess Daisy, Prince Peasley, Princess Peach, RedShell, Roserade, Ruai, Samus, Shigeru Miyamoto, Shy Guy Forever, SiFi, Smasher, Smg2daisy, SLNO, SonicMario, Stargazing, Starlow, Stooben Rooben, Tabuu, Toad85, Toadbert101, Tuxedo Ridley, VocalBeat, Walkazo, Waluigi, Wario, Yoshi, Yoshi K, Yoshi876, Zae
Date of creation July 18, 2014
Date of completion March 14, 2015
Status Finished

Word of a dragon tearing up a quaint little town somewhere in the north spreads and Mr. Edo is tasked with resolving the issue. After he arrives, he soon finds that the dragon in question is more than he bargained for.

Due to its size, the comic has been moved to a separate page.

"Quickie-la & Mason"

Main contributors Quickie-la & Puddin
Characters involved in story Quickie-la, Mason, Soxanne, Hawkmouth, Cobrat, Wart, Jesus Christ, YoshiGo99, Jorgan von Strangle, The Jetsons
Original Threads
December 8th, 2011
June 13, 2013
Status Cancelled

Mason pesters his sister, Quickie-la. Two years later, she offers Mason a ride in her new vehicle. Unfortunately, Mason is an idiot.