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Death to Wiki

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This comic is currently on hiatus.

Death to Wiki
Creator Stooben Rooben
Debut August 18th, 2008
Genre Sci-fi/Action
Latest Issue Issue V
Rating T for Teen
Blood & gore
Drug references

Note: It is recommended to open the theme up in a new tab so that you can listen to it while reading the comic.

Death to Wiki is a new comic made by Stooben Rooben. It is a serious comic, with some humor dashed throughout. The comic will contain quite a bit of violence and intensity – it is along the lines of a PG-13 movie. Death to Wiki revolves around the decimation and elimination of all wikis in existence.

Chapter I: The Master Plan

Issue I


Though not much is revealed in the first issue, KP Shadow is shown to be a somewhat nervous lackey of the "Master". KP and the "Master" discuss minor details of their diabolical plan to completely overthrow the Internet, along with the world. It is announced that Cobold and Xzelion are being held captive (and possibly tortured) at one of the "Master"'s headquarters, though they are rebelling quite fiercely.

Issue II


In this issue, a brief flashback to The Great Rebellion Action is seen. Narrated by Pokemon DP, he briefly explains his feelings on that tragic event. As the issue projects eight months later to present day, DP is attacked by a small group of strange monsters; these monsters are called Wikeaters. When DP kills two of the three Wikieaters, he interrogates the third for information as to why they are attacking him. After some persuasion, the Wikeater reveals an astonishing secret.

Issue III


Issue III flashes back to when the Master first recruits KP Shadow, ChaosNinji, FlareKnight, RAP, and Wayoshi. The Master confronts them in his theater, questioning them of how they would like to see the world. After a little persuasion, they soon decide to join the Master's plan, completely unaware of the effects it will have on the near future. Back at present day, Pokemon DP enters Sysop Tower and meets RAP. The two engage in a somewhat petty argument; after a few moments, Stooben Rooben enters the room and asks what is going on. RAP quickly changes personalities and invites Pokemon DP to the Promotion Room, where he will be re-promoted.

Issue IV


After RAP brings Pokemon DP to the Promotion Room, DP soon finds out that RAP is a liar. RAP begins to torture DP with electric beams merely for his own pleasure. RAP explains how he wants the MarioWiki all to himself, and that he is willing to kill Steve and anyone in his way in order to do so. In a brief moment, DP was able to escape back to the main room of Sysop Tower. DP then talked to Stooben about what had happened; Stooben knew all about RAP's evil mentality. As the two discussed what was going on, Sysop Tower was soon infiltrated. Several Wikeaters and a Ganodorn attacked the two. Meanwhile, Stumpers and Paper Jorge were in the middle of a wintery desert, trying to find the key to stopping the war that was soon to come. However, their mission would soon be interrupted by some intimidating beast.

Chapter II: Meltdown at Userpedia

Issue V


Stooben Rooben wakes up in a dark, his sight blurry. He smells the gut-wrenching odor of blood rising through the air and bravely goes to inspect his surroundings. After a few steps, he finds an enormous monster devouring a user whole. The beast does not attack Stooben, however; it merely teleports away. Stooben then walks furthermore in the cave and finds a secret room giving off a greenish glow. As Stooben enters the room, he finds out that it is a cryogenic preservation chamber. The several chambers hold many of his friends, such as Xzelion and Purple Yoshi. Later, InfectedShroom enters the room and attempts to attack Stooben. InfectedShroom's attack misses and instead hits one of the cryogen chambers, releasing thousands of gallons of liquid oxygen. The Master witnesses this even through a camera; he then instructs KP Shadow to send out an army of his underlings to prevent any further events like this happening.

Issue VI

The story takes a detour from Stooben's and DP's view, and instead, takes the view of one of the comics villains: ChaosNinji. ChaosNinji resides in his office at Userpedia, thinking about all the wrong he's done in his past. While thinking back, several members of Userpedia's staff enters Ninji's office unexpected. 1337Yoshi and Walkazo come to tell Ninji that they have made Super-Yoshi a Sysop due to Stooben's disappearance. They also inform Ninji of word that an attack is being planned against Userpedia, though they are unsure of the source of this information. ChaosNinji becomes infuriated over this news and soon reenacts the behavior he showed during the Great Rebellion Action.