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Species Paragoomba
Aves Castanea
Gender Male
Allies 1337Yoshi, Boozooka, Neurario, ParaBob-omb
Theme(s) Main


Aliases DLM,DLM-Gir,Gir,DLMG
Age 12+1
Personal information Date of Birth: January 22

DarkLugiaMaster-Gir is a normal MarioWiki user, of course goes on Userpedia a lot more. He had since quit them both when Scribblewiki went down and only came on chat once in a while but since a new Userpedia was created he feels reborn. He is a paragoomba with a yellow bookbag. He likes to create inventions which is what his claws are, so he can hold items. He is extremely hyper and random but doesn't like to hurt anyone's feelings. He is almost always optimistic. He is hoping to get a pet, but can never decide on one because they are all cute to him, but his house is only permitted to carry one pet at any giving time. He also loves Retro games.


DarkLugiaMaster-Gir was born in a quiet village full of many odd creatures, of many odd things. One day a huge storm came upon his village, and has everyone bordered there house, Gir was playing in a cave with some Ninja Turtle action figures. As he made them fight each other a huge Tornado came through. Gir was scared out of his mind. He was spinning and spinning and crying an crying. Eventually he slammed into a tree head first, in which he had forgotten all about what happened. He then ran into a nearby town, which was New Wikisburg, where he was taught to be a good Wikier and soon moved.


  • Flight
  • Ground Pound
  • Ram
  • Laser
  • Flip


Currently works at Boozooka's weapon's shop and Turtwig's Toyz


  • The Gaming Connection:Not much has been stated other than he is a main character,