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DarkHero Sonic the Dark

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DarkHero Sonic the Dark
DarkHero Sonic image.png
Rank User
Species Hedgehog
Gender Male
Allies RedFire Mario, Sparce, Xpike, Storm Yoshi, Mcoolister, CAPS LOCK LORD, The Missing Link, King Mario, Red Barchetta, Stooben Rooben, RAP, Super Shy Guy, Super-Yoshi, YellowYoshi398, Neurario, Gyroid X, Koopa-Paratroopa, Paula, and probably some others I forgot to list.
Likes Video Games, Flash Animations, Sprite Comics, computers, Sonic the Hedgehog Games, Sonic Music, RPGs, etc
Dislikes Trolls and n00bs
Aliases DarkHero Sonic (chat, currently), DHS (chat, currently), James Frontier
Age 20 (Wiki World

DarkHero Sonic the Dark is a retired MarioWiki and Userpedia user. He used to be found on chat nearly all of the time. DarkHero Sonic the Dark seems to change age and looks by time to time. He lives with his family, Jorge, RedFire Mario, Bean, Shroobario, and Palkia.


Rush Wiki

Status: Canceled

Heh...Too bad this gun isn't.

DarkHero Sonic, when RedFire Mario and DHS were fighting trolls.

DarkHero Sonic the Dark was supposed to take the role of Mi, from Rush Hour 3 in this Rush Hour spoof starring Super-Yoshi and Paper Jorge. In the Rush Hour 4 sequence, he and RedFire Mario (who played Yu) teamed up with S-Y and PJ and fought crime and even karate gangsters. The comic was canceled but it is confirmed that after fighting the Karate Men, RFM and DHS said goodbye to Carter and Lee before Carter and Lee went to Europe.

Friday Night Live

Status: Hiatus

Now it's time to make a little change around here.

DarkHero Sonic, after kicking Jorge out of the Friday Night Live building

In Episode 6, Jorge mentioned DarkHero Sonic and RedFire Mario both beaten him up when he changed his nick to Jackie Chan. In Episode "Darky Night Live", DarkHero Sonic takes over Jorge's show and turns it into his own show.



To your left, RFM!
That's a road, DHS!
You are not making sense these days, DHS!

RedFire Mario and DarkHero Sonic

I wouldn't be talking...Mr.Solid Turtle.

DarkHeroi Ling,codec

DHS: Hey Porple.
Porple: Hi. Why do you exist.
DHS: idk.
Porple: ok."

DHS and Steve, chatroom

Sonic pwnz Jackie Chan.
Jackie Chan pwnz Sonic.
Sonic pwnz Jackie Chan.
Jackie Chan pwnz Sonic.
Sonic pwnz Jackie Chan.

DHS and Paper Jorge, in an argument
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