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Rank Site Order
  • MarioWiki - User
  • MarioWiki Forums - User
  • Userpedia - User
Species Piranha Plant
Join date December 11, 2010 (Mariowiki)
July 21, 2011 (Userpedia)
Gender Male
Allies UltraMario3000, Supremo78, Yoshiwaker, YoshiGo99, and more.
Likes Petey Piranha, Diddy Kong
Aliases DiddyKongfan020899, DKP99, Petey, DK, Mariofan020899, Diddykongfan0899, DKPetey

DKPetey99 (formerly known as DiddyKongfan020899) is a user on MarioWiki. He is ranked forty-second on MarioWiki's contribution scores with over 6,000 edits. His edits can be found here.


The Days of the Sockpuppet

On December 5, 2010, Mariofan020899 created an account. His computer screwed up, so he made Diddykongfan0899. As Mariofan020899, he made a few, minor edits, but they were helpful. About a week later, he was caught for sockpuppeting. Henry Tucayo Clay blocked him, but he misunderstood the situation, due to the computer screw up.


After Mariofan020899 and Diddykongfan0899 were blocked, DiddyKongfan020899 was created. He was later caught, but he talked to Porplemontage, and thankfully, he was unblocked after a week's time.

New Name

On February 6, 2011 DiddyKongfan020899 decided his name was too long. He wanted to make it short and to include Petey. At first, he tried UltraBJ99, but thought it over and changed it to DKPetey99. The next day (the day before his birthday), Porplemontage changed it to DKPetey99.

Wiki Life

DKPetey99 specializes in making galleries, articles, and categories. He has made more than twenty-five galleries and categories. He also made more than seventy articles. He currently writes for the Guess That Game! section for The 'Shroom.

Leaving the Wiki

On August 22, 2011, DKPetey99 announced he was leaving the Super Mario Wiki. He left the wiki because of Pink Boozooka. Pink Boozooka called him a horrible curse in chat.


Userpedia Party

DKPetey99 appears in the Wiki game, Userpedia Party. His Petey Piranha form is unlocked when the player beats each minigame on hard mode. His Diddy Kong form is not unlocked until each character is unlocked. His in-game biography is: "He is very sly and powerful. His powerfulness puts him over the top when it comes to choosing playable characters. He can bite people to take their stars and he never loses."

Wiki Kart: Double Dash!!

DKPetey99 is a large playable racer in the Wiki game, Wiki Kart: Double Dash!!.


Physical Appearance

DKPetey99 has a red torso, with the initials "DK" on them. Though, sometimes, his torso appears without the initials "DK". He has yellow feet and a face just like Petey Piranha's.


DKPetey99 tries his best to be nice to users, but if someone upsets him, he will get mad.

Relationships with Other Users

DK and Diddy Kong vs Bowser and Bowser Jr..

DKPetey99 got a message one day saying, "I love Diddy Kong, too!". He found out it was from Diddy Kong vs Bowser Jr. and he was thrilled there was another Diddy Kong lover on the wiki. Though, they don't get along all the time. Once, they both gave each other useless warnings and reminders. DKPetey99 felt bad for all the attention it attracted, so he simply apologized to DK and Diddy Kong vs Bowser and Bowser Jr. Ever since then, they've been great friends. Petey usually calls DK and Diddy Kong vs Bowser and Bowser Jr. "Kongs vs Koopas", due to his long name.


DKPetey99 got another message one day. This time, it was a request to be friends from Yoshidude99. DKPetey99 accepted it and they became fast friends. They always have conversations about what games they like and what games they want. Yoshidude99 is one of four users to have DKPetey99's "good friend" userbox.


In the early days of his wiki life, DKPetey wanted to be friends with Supremo78. He sent him a friend request and Supremo accepted. They are currently good friends on the wiki. They also have a lot in common, such as both of them being Petey Piranhas.


DKPetey is good friends with his little sister, Allycat0925. She rarely goes on the wiki, but he is her only friend.


DKPetey sent a friend request to a new user one day, thinking he can help him out. This user was Superfiremario, and he accepted. However, when DKPetey gave him a userspace warning due to his many user edits, Superfiremario deleted it and the friend request. DKPetey restored the warning and gave Superfiremario a warning for deleting warnings. Superfiremario has received many warnings from DKPetey99, and Petey gets frustrated a lot due to the fact Superfiremario ignores his warnings. But now, they are great friends.

Goomba's Shoe15

When DKPetey99 first met Goomba's Shoe15, they fought, a lot. DKPetey felt bad and sent him a friend request. He accepted, but their fights still continued. Finally, they stopped. DKPetey thinks that Goomba's Shoe is a great pal and that he does an awesome job contributing to the wiki.


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