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CyndaServ is a non-user, and was created when MrConcreteDonkey's DNA was cloned by GameServ and put into an uncreated bot, so can be considered a son. He is half-Cyndaquil, half-bot, so that further enriches that statement. CyndaServ has rarely appeared in chat, only in user chatrooms, however. He came to a room whenever he was mentioned by MCD, because he is, in a way, a good sock of MCD, made for comedic value in a place he allows it.


When MCD first came to chat, Mr bones was married to GameServ. However, he saw them divorce in #mwchat, and then he asked GameServ if it wanted to marry him, which it accepted. Then, MCD mentioned about the two having a son and he came up with the idea of CyndaServ. Then, a user called CyndaServ came into the room, which was probably #mariofanchat. However, Mario Fan 123, the owner of the chat, over-reacted and kicked CyndaServ. Then, CyndaServ came to #mcdchat a couple of times. CyndaServ has not been seen on chat since around October 2010. Around the time CyndaServ disappeared, MCD had the idea of making CyndaServ a bot, but he has no idea what its purpose would be, so he forgot about it.

CyndaServ returned during December 2010, to test out Mario Fan's chat applet. MCD invited both Mr bones and Mario Fan to #mcdchat, where CyndaServ. When Mario Fan came, he assumed it was a bot. He called it "the stupidest bot ever" and left the chat, before irrationally banning CyndaServ. MCD un-banned it, and it gloated at Mario Fan by reciting the lyrics of Stayin' Alive by the Bee Gees. 8). Mario Fan promptly banned it again, which infuriated MCD. He un-banned CyndaServ a second time, and then banned MF123 for 100 days and removed him from the access list. Mario Fan then banned MCD from #mariofanchat for 9999 days. CyndaServ went to investigate, but, admittedly, was a terrible spy and soon got banned too. Mario Fan still seems to hold a grudge against CyndaServ, but the two will probably never meet again.

Throughout the start of 2011, CyndaServ was rarely seen. It is unknown if it will ever become a bot. How saddening.

Physical Appearance

CyndaServ is half Cyndaquil, half bot, so looks like a slightly robotic Cyndaquil. It has patches of metal in some places around its body and has wires coming out of its back. It also has a gear on its left leg.