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Crystalking (Also known as Tubba Blubba) is a user on the Mariowiki. He has made a comic with Storm Yoshi. He does not edit frequently. His sprites consist of a Purple Shy Guy and a yellow 8-bit Kirby riding another 8-bit Rick from Kirby.

Crystalking was born in an unknown place. Researchers have found that he has a tendency to like cold places, but doesn't mind warm places. He has the ability to copy other people's ability's and gain cool hats.



Crystalking met Rick while he was traveling to find sparring partners to strengthen his strengths and ability's further. Rick proved to be a great friend and decided to tag along with Crystalking to get stronger


Coo was found by Crystalking in the canyon of despair. Coo's wings were injured and it looked like he couldn't get any medical help by the wounds. Luckily, Crystalking had a medic ability and was ably to heal Coo's wings without a problem. As a thanks, Coo decided to join Crystalking and rick. this proved helpful for getting to the sky arenas.


Crystalking was flying through the sky, being carried by Coo, when Coo dropped him into the sea. Not knowing how to swim, neither Rick or Coo were able to help him. Crystalking ate a fish to gain the swim ability for a while, or until he found dry land. He stumbled upon Kine, a unique fish with powers no other fish had. Crystalking's fish ability ran out and Kine saved him, by eating him. Crystalking was able to breath and Kine brought him to dry land, where Rick and Coo were waiting. Crystalking offered Kine to join his team, but he had other things he had to attend to. He later realized that Kine lived in the Sea of storms It was until the trip to Rick's homeland when Kine decided to join Crystalking and party.

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