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Corruption/Part 2

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Part 1: Peachycakes' Plans Part 2: Stung!! Part 3: Bombs away
Part 2: Stung!!

by MrConcreteDonkey

Scorpion999 was walking home through the rain after a long night. Him and N had spent it at the club in downtown New Wikisburg, and had been chucked out at closing time. They had reached N's house. Scorpion bid N goodbye, as N entered his house, and continued alone.

His footsteps echoed down the dark, lifeless street as he stepped into the road. Suddenly, he heard a noise coming from behind him, and immediately stopped. He turned around, and looked from side to side. Nothing seemed to be there...

Scorpion picked up his pace a small bit, still hearing the noise in the back of his head. He turned around and checked again, still seeing nothing. "N-N?" Scorpion whispered. No response. Now the noise had evolved into footsteps, and were walking much faster than him. Scorpion immediately started running, as did the other pair of footsteps. He looked back and caught sight of a shadow running towards him, about ten foot away and getting closer.

Scorpion darted down a small, muddy alley. The rain hit against his face and blocked his view as he sprinted down it. His heart was beating. The figure was now just behind him. Suddenly, it tackled him to the ground. Scorpion felt a sensation of pain as his face slammed against the muddy ground. The shadow then picked up something, something that sparkled in the light of the moon.

A dagger.

Scorpion, terrified for his life, grabbed the attacker's hand and took the dagger. He then lashed out at it, without any other thought in his mind. The shadow fell back into the light of a streetlight, revealing a flash of red and blue.

Scorpion then ran down the alley again, panting as he sprinted, his heartbeat whacking against his chest like a professional boxer's punch. He finally reached his street, and caught sight of his house. His neighbour, Rocker64, was outside, watering his plants at night for some reason.

"Hullo, Scorpion. What's the hurry?" Rocker asked.

Scorpion did not reply. He barely heard him. He pulled the door open, slammed it, locked it, drew the curtains and went to bed, hiding from the scariest monster he had ever imagined.


It started off as a normal day at the station. I sat at my desk, shuffling through 'evidence', while Gamefreak sipped coffee and chatted to Neu.

"Quiet week, huh?" Gamefreak began.
Neu replied, "Yeah, I'd have expected a lot more. The famous trolls haven't struck in months, and I had a funny feeling about today."
"Really? What do yo-"

Gamefreak was interupted by Emperor Yoshi bursting through the door. He had a serious look on his face, and looked like there was something he had to tell us.

"Sir, there's been a murder." He gulped.
"My God. Where? Who?" Gamefreak demanded.
"Eastern Avenue, the alleyway. It was apparently SonicMario."
I stood up. "That's impossible, I saw him in User Soup just last night."
"Well, it's not. It happened. MCD, I'm sending you and your team to the crime scene." said Gamefreak.

After we had confirmation that the scene was sealed off and the tent had been put over the body, we got in the car and drove to the scene...

As we got there, the scene was filled with bystanders.

BMB informed them that we were the police, and they stepped aside as we walked to the crime scene. BMB, Neu and Ralph entered the tent, but I was pulled aside by QuizmoManiac.

"Excuse me, sir.", He said.
"Yes?", I replied.
He pulled out a card from his pocket and gave it to me. "I'm QuizmoManiac, a correspondant of New Wikisnews. Please can I interview you about this affair?"
"Okay, but make it quick."

And so, we went through with the interview. It took much longer than whatever "Quick" is.

At last, I stepped into the tent.

"So," I began, "What have we found?"
Ralph replied, "He's obviously been stabbed through the chest with a dagger. By the look on his face, he was scared, so he must have been running away from something. The body is still slightly warm, so it must have been done very early in the morning, or even late at night. We're going to take a couple of DNA samples from the dagger."
"Okay then," I said, "Let's get to work."