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Part 10: The Execution Intermission: A Man and his Doomship Part 11: Two Murders and a Funeral
Intermission: A Man and his Doomship

by MrConcreteDonkey

Rise Up Above It's P.O.V., time unknown

My name is Rise Up Above It, or Frostyfireyoshi. Call me what you will. I hope you don't mind, but I'm going to be taking over this narration for a while. I hope you don't mind. Ah, what do you care. If I hadn't mentioned you probably wouldn't have known.

I live in this small town by the sea. There's an aircraft hangar nextdoor, containing my trusty doomship, Doomship 2. It had broken eight months ago, because I crashed it. However, it should be fixed in a few days.

The tale of how I found this doomship was a daring one, if I could say so myself.

Five years ago

Walking through a park in New Wikisburg, I suddenly noticed something rather strange sticking out of a pond. It looked rather metallic, rather sharp and rather broken. I looked around, in case anyone was there to overreact, took a deep breath and dove into the water. What I saw, however, was a huge doomship! I swam to the nose of the ship and through the front window. In front of me, there was the corpse of an alien. It mustn't have been there long. I swam back up for breath and then swam down again. The ship had a large hole in, where it had been shot down. The anchor had also been released. The name of the ship was "Doomship 1". I went away to buy proper SCUBA diving gear, and came back a few days later.

The doomship obviously hadn't been shot down long, as the corpses inside were in fairly good condition, albeit impaled on some broken metal. The doomship itself was very broken, with pieces of metal poking out everywhere. A lot of alien technology was on the doomship, but, sadly, it was all broken. Rather sad, really.

I wondered whether to tell Porplemontage or a Sysop about the doomship, but they'd probably keep it. I wanted to have it. I swam back up to the surface, but somebody was there. Desperate to hide my doomship, I tried to converse.

"Uh...hi." I said.
"Hello," said the user, "So, what are you doing?"
I responded, "Can you keep a secret?"
He nodded.
"Okay. I found a gigantic doomship under the water. Now I'm wondering whether I should inform the Wiki staff or keep this a secret."
He now bore a bewildered expression. "Uh, so, do you want my opinion?"
"Yes. If it helps, I'd also like to keep it for myself."
He considered for a second, and said: "Well, if you ask me, I'd say you should inform the Sysops. Both about the doomship and how you want to keep it. I'm sure they'll understand."
"Okay, thanks. My name's Frostyfireyoshi, by the way."
"MrConcreteDonkey. Glad to meet you."

I took MCD's advice, and told Porplemontage about the ship. Afterwards, I told him:

"Uhm...excuse me, Porple..." I said, as I walked up to our Wiki's creator.
"Yes?" he replied.
"Well, I was wondering about the doomship...would it be okay if I could keep it?"
"It's a foreign object: we should be taking care of it...but, problem is, we don't have a hangar for it, or any time to build one: I'll tell you what. If you can build this ship a hangar, then it can be all yours. You can repair it and fly around in it to your heart's content."
I was overjoyed: "Oh, thank you so much!"

I then employed a team of builders, who would build a hangar big enough to hold the mighty doomship. Over the next few years, the hangar grew, as did my friendship with MCD. I also matured, and even had my name changed to Rise Up Above It. Finally, the construction on the hangar had finished, and the newly-renovated Doomship 2 stood proud in the middle of it. Porplemontage stood with me in the completed hangar.

"Well, I can certainly say you've done a good job. Do you want to take it out on a test run?" Porple asked.
I was shocked and flattered: "Isn't that a little bit dangerous?", I questioned.
"I can help you with that. I used to pilot some airships myself, back in the day." Porple insisted.
I thought for a moment, and then boldly said "Alright, I'll do it."

Porple and I stepped into the ship, which, thanks to my builders and I, was completely fixed, and enhanced. I opened the gates and stepped into the cockpit of the ship. Soon enough, we were out of the hangar and into the air. I hopped out again to close them, and I was ready to ride. MrConcreteDonkey suddenly arrived.

"Hey RUAI!", he greeted me.
"Hi MCD! Me and Porplemontage were just going to take Doomship 2 out for a ride. Wanna come?"
"Sure, why not!"

MCD boarded, and then we took off. Doomship 2 soared through the skies: the town below looked like a child's playset as we flew around. Porple commented that I was doing great for a first-timer. Suddenly, an unidentified object appeared on the radar.

"Huh? There's something on the radar. Something different..." Porple remarked.
"Is it a bird? Or a plane?" I asked.
"Well," said Porple, "It's certainly not Superman. You enhanced this radar so it could pick up all Wiki aircraft, right?"
"Yes, I did." I replied. The air soon became tense - we didn't know what we were dealing with.
Porple said "Why don't you ask MrConcreteDonkey to get up onto the deck, and ask him what he can see?"
"Good idea."

I grabbed the microphone and spoke down the intercom. Porple turned around and activated the security cameras.

"MCD? MCD, can you hear me?" I spoke into the microphone. It echoed around the ship.
I activated the microphones on the cameras, and heard MCD yell "What's up, RUAI?"
"We've got an unidentified flying object on the radar. Could you ascend to the highest point of the ship and tell me what you can see?" I replied.
"I'll be right up there. Where's the nearest elevator?"
I turned to Porple "Porple, can you see MCD?"
"He's in the third-floor corridoor. He just needs to walk straight on." Porple responded.

I gave MCD the instructions, and MCD found the elevator. But when he entered it, the security camera inside cut out...

"MCD!? Can you hear me? What's happened?" I yelled.

No response.

"Porple, you take the ship's controls. I'll have to go up there myself."

Porple nodded and took the controls, as I walked nervously to the elevator. When it reached me, MCD was gone. Moving up from floor to floor, I finally reached the deck. From there, I could see what the object was.

It was a troll gunship. And we were under attack. The machine guns shot at out deck, damaging many parts. I had to run swiftly and hide behind the elevator to avoid the fire. Then, a cannonball completely blew the top off the elevator, and the explosion knocked me to the ground. As I got up, I saw MCD being dragged away. I couldn't make out who was dragging him away, at first, but, when I came to my senses, I could see who it was: Jakebastille.

"Stop!" I yelled. He hadn't noticed me before I shouted, but, after, started moving away more swiftly. I was still under barrage by the heavy machine guns of the troll gunship, but, decided to fight Jakebastille, nevertheless. I took out two hammers and twirled them, ready for battle.

I threw a hammer at him, and it hit. This angered him quite a bit, as he soon abandoned MCD and started running towards me. Using two hammers, I blocked most of his punches, but then both of us were startled by a sudden explosion behind me. While we were flying through the air, I turned around and tried to jab him with the spikes on my back as we fell. I was successful, but he was still not down. He then sped off on his motorcycle, so I got into my shell and dashed along the ground. When I caught up with him, we rammed into each other a few times, and, eventually, I popped the tyres on his motorcycle. He came to a halt, and I span around and got out again. I threw another hammer at him, but he avoided it and punched me in the stomach. He then gave me a painful uppercut in the face, knocking me to the ground. Looking down at me, he took out a gun and pointed it at me. I thought I was going to die.

Suddenly, out of nowhere, he dropped the gun and started flailing around. He was on fire. Behind him, I could see MCD, who was burning him. Jakebastille put out the fire, and then shot at him. He missed, however. He then came closer and he tried to shoot again; however, he was out of bullets. I ran up to Jakebastille, jumped, and hit him from above with a hammer. The troll gunship now came right up to the side of us, and the troll jumped onto it.

"Quick, let's get to the cockpit!" I yelled, "Maybe we can shoot it down. Thanks for the help, by the way!"
MCD replied, "Thank you for your help, too!"

We then ran back down to the cockpit, where Porple was frantically trying to hit the gunship with our cannons.

"I'll take care of this." I told him.
"Are you crazy? This is the first time you've ever piloted one of these things!" He replied.
"This is my doomship, this is my problem." I replied.
He sighed, "Fine, if you insist."

I then sat in the chair and turned towards the gunship. The ship was shooting at us, but most of the shots hit the deck. I fired back, and our cannons blew up the engine of the ship. The ship fell to the ground and the near-invisible ground below suddenly appeared in a flare of orange.

"Great, we blew it up!" I exclaimed.
"We didn't, RUAI; you did." MCD insisted.
"I must say," said Porple, "I'm very impressed. I've never seen a user take out a troll gunship so swiftly, and that was even your first time flying a doomship!"

The present

We then landed, and, well, that's the end of that. It was a bit more than how I first found it, but I think it was rather exciting nevertheless. Had to get a few things fixed then, but otherwise nothing too big.

I'm pretty sure we'll meet again: after all, this fourth wall is very fragile. They say the walls of these articles are made of cardboard. I'm just drifting off here, I guess I've wasted your time long enough.

See you later, I guess.