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Corruption teaser.png
Creator MrConcreteDonkey
Debut December 31, 2010
Genre Action/Disaster
Latest Issue Part 14
Rating T

Corruption is an ongoing story by MrConcreteDonkey. It is an action-themed story.

Some of the story is written in the first-person, from MCD or another character's point of view, and some in the third-person. Sign-ups are on the talk page, MarioWiki Forum or the Userpedia forum. There will be around 25-30 chapters.

Characters (possibly incomplete) (maybe) (don't quote me on this)


Minor/Cameos (sign-ups on the talk page)

Yet to appear

Chapters and Summaries

The Proposal

The Super Mario Wiki is discussed: Sysop Palace was replaced by Sysop Tower, and the articles and other information were stored in the MarioWiki Tower; the MarioWiki State Police, due to lack of trolls and funds, was disbanded. An infiltration on the Spam Vault, thought to be cause by the Mastermind Troll, took place, and, after this, trolls returned.

MrConcreteDonkey brings his ideas to revive the Police Force to #paperchat, and is met with some criticism from Paper Jorge. He creates a proposal with his ideas and Jorge's points in mind and posts his proposal. Some clichés are used and a worried MCD is surprised to find overwhelming support of his proposal.

Meanwhile, Peachycakes and her henchmen await nearby in their base, an abandoned warehouse. Unit 4.2013, a sockpuppet who has infiltrated the Wiki, returns to inform them of the proposal. Believing it to be of low importance, she sends him to be sacraficed, though, before he dies, he manages to tell them the content of said proposal. Peachycakes needed to stop the proposal at all costs.

Peachycakes' Plans

Peachycakes is worried about the proposal. One of her henchmen, a Woodylogan, calls her down to the base's laboratory, where they have made a breakthrough. Many sockpuppets, user-like in appearance, are created. Meanwhile, MCD's proposal has attracted at least ten supporters, including Sysops such as Tucayo and Edofenrir.

The sockpuppets are called together and given instructions. MCD checks back on the proposal and is even more surprised to see twenty-two in opposition. On the final day, Porplemontage announces that there is an equal number on both sides. However, at the last minute, Knife supports, so the proposal passes.

Peachycakes hears news of this and the sockpuppets are punished in a similar manner to the last one. One, called Brown McYoshi, escapes, but is killed by a figure on wheels. The new force has three teams: Minor (made up of Emperor Yoshi, Count Bonsula, Zero777 and Smasher 101), Middle (Ralphfan, Neurario, Baby Mario Bloops and MCD) and Major (the autopatrols and patrollers). Gamefreak75 is the force's captain.

Months pass, and Peachycakes is plotting outside the User Soup studio.


Two friends, Scorpion999 and N, have been out clubbing all night. When Scorpion is alone, he senses that somebody is following him. Eventually, the figure tackles him and takes out a dagger - however, Scorpion steals the dagger and lunges for his attacker, before returning home, feeling guilty and terrified, not even noticing a greeting from Rocker64, his neighbour.

The next day, at the Police Station, Emperor Yoshi brings the news of the murder of SonicMario. Gamefreak sends the middle team to investigate. The crime scene is sealed off, though still surrounded by bystanders. A news reporter, QuizmoManiac, pulls BMB aside for an interview. SonicMario's body is examined - he was stabbed through the chest and has a scared expression.

Bombs Away!

SonicMario's body is removed, and the dagger is to be taken back to the station. BMB notes how he was murdered on the exact opposite side of town to where you'd expect him to be. Suddenly, in the foggy weather, a shot is fired, and more follow. As the car is riddled with bullets, their driver is killed. Soon enough, the gun is dropped and the shooter flees the scene. The car blows up, dagger included.

Scorpion's Revelation

On a clear, new day, N goes to visit Scorpion, who holds a gun up to him and tells him to get in quickly. Back at the station, the Middle Team couldn't find the gun used to attack them, and discuss what could have happened to it. Gamefreak receives a phone call from somebody with, unbeknownst to him, malicious intentions. She gives him the location of a troll base.

Meanwhile, Scorpion apologises to N about his shifty behaviour, pouring him some ginger ale. He tells him that he killed SonicMario.

The Parting of a Freak

Gamefreak tells MCD about their planned infiltration of the troll fortress. He puts MCD in charge until he returns, taking the Major team with him. N is feeling very unsettled around Scorpion, so escapes his house through the bathroom window. He, however, realises that he shouldn't give up on Scorpion, as he was his friend. Meanwhile, MCD is getting to grips with the responsibilities of being the force's captain.

The Major team wait outside the location, a warehouse, ready to run in. They are, however, gunned down as soon as they run in. Lindsay151 and Gamefreak are the only users who stay standing. Their attackers are revealed to be Peachycakes and Dcampbell2. The latter is killed by Lindsay, after trying to free Peachycakes who was pinned to the wall by Gamefreak. Lindsay is killed by being thrown against the wall, and Gamefreak is impaled on his own wand. Before Peachycakes returns to the actual base, she sets the decoy one ablaze.

Now with 7% More Death!

Days later, MCD, tired of his new job, receives a worrying phone call, causing the lights of the station to flicker. He then receives another, from Zero, informing him of another murder. Meanwhile, a Sysop, Knife leaves Sysop Tower for the night, with Tucayo and Edofenrir.


Knife notices something happening as he leaves for work. UltraMario informs him that it's a murder that took place. MCD destroys his telephone in a fit of rage, abandoning the position of captain and going down to the crime scene. The rest of his team are investigating the crime scene, dusting the murder weapon and body for prints, which are all over the weapon. The weapon itself is similar to the last one.

Ralph notices that the news team have arrived, headed by Quizmo. No information is disclosed to them, though a report is allowed. Soon, MCD arrives at the crime scene. Peachycakes appears in Scorpion's apartment, causing commotion. He sees himself as her, and, while scared, continues to N's apartment.


The paramedics carry off the body of SiFi, the user who was murdered. UltraMario tries to find out who had died. In the afternoon, Scorpion visits N's apartment. N has recently become very drunk on ginger ale, somehow, and his apartment is a complete mess. Scorpion decides he needs to sober N up.

Knife checks into work, noticing how Edo isn't there. Steve informs him that he was probably taking a day off, and not to worry. N, after a long nap, is still drunk, mistaking Scorpion for Jimmy Wales. He then remembers, yelling about Scorpion being the murderer. N shouts out of his window about Scorpion being the murderer, but is stopped by Scorpion, who pulls him inside, catching his jaw on the broken glass. Scorpion chokes the still-delusional N to death.

The police are called to N's flat by SLNO, about strange noises coming from N's flat. They find Scorpion and N's dead body in the flat.

The Sentence

Scorpion is arrested, as many onlookers watch on, including Quizmo, who films him, and SLNO, who furiously attacks him. MCD investigates N's body. MCD calls the Minor team for assistance. 24 hours before this, an administrator was attacked by trolls. Scorpion contemplates his situation - how nobody could understand his situation, why SonicMario attacked him, the possibility of execution. Smasher eventually escorts him to the Spam Vault.

The Spam Vault's past is detailed: it was once a huge castle in a city called Wikidelphia, but was took over by trollls. Eventually they were imprisoned there, and it has served that purpose ever since. Scorpion is led to Cell 132, his cell, and examines something that had been written there.

Scorpion receives his sentence - execution - but the writing on the wall still bugs him.

The Execution

Scorpion had spent a fortnight in the Spam Vault, finding it to be a very hellish experience. Smasher and Bones come to collect Scorpion, driving him back to New Wikisburg. Meanwhile, the administrator who was attacked also has been imprisoned somewhere for two weeks, his feelings similar to Scorpion's. He is revealed to be Edofenrir, and he is told that it's time for something.

Peachycakes and a Woodylogan lead him through a large building to a central room, where two other kidnapped users - Yoshiwaker and RedFire Mario - await. Waker explains how there are thousands of trolls around, hiding in the shadows, while RFM talks about how he'd kill all of them if there were less. Peachycakes explains their purpose to them, to which they are disgusted.

Scorpion is executed. Tabuu appears to him, explaining how he was once imprisoned in the very same cell, and executed. He claims he was given another chance, and the power to live on as an aparition, talking to the dead. He gives Scorpion a second chance, giving Tabuu the chance to return to being human. Scorpion wakes up as an alien called an Advisor, but expresses a lot of discontent when a realisation hits him. His fellow Advisors ask him where he wants to invade, and he chooses the MarioWiki. The time period is unknown.

RFM tries to hide, to escape from having to kill a user. Two trolls find him, asking him what he's doing, but he kills both. Once he is found, a beating from some more trolls soon changes his mind. He reluctantly kills Beanbean. Edo has to, and successfully kills MCSoulja; Waker, meanwhile, tries to kill Goombella, but fails, resulting in a beating. MCD is in disbelief the next day, as he finds out about the first murder.

A Man and his Doomship

Rise Up Above It tells how he managed to acquire his doomship, Doomship 2. Five years prior, he found a ship called the "Doomship 1" crashed in a body of water in a park. It contains a lot of broken alien technology, and dead aliens. He asks a user called MrConcreteDonkey about what he should do with it, who tells him he should bring it to Porplemontage. Steve agrees to let him keep the doomship if he builds the hangar.

When the hangar and ship are completely (re)built and renovated, a few years after this, Steve is impressed, so invites RUAI to take it for a test run. MCD, who has become friends with RUAI, also comes along. However, soon, they pick up an unidentified object on the ship's radar. MCD is sent to the top deck, to see if he can see what the object is, but, upon getting into the elevator, seemingly walks straight into danger. The machine is a troll gunship, and attacks the doomship.

RUAI gives Porple the controls and ascends to the deck. He can see a troll - specifically, Jakebastille - dragging an unconcious MCD away. The two attack the troll, who escapes back onto the gunship. RUAI returns to the cockpit and shoots the ship down.

Two Murders and a Funeral

Many users, including Jorge, have surrounded the scene of Bean's murder, while the police set up an investigation. MCD is shocked to hear from Bones that MCSoulja was also killed, so tells him to send the rest of the minor team to the spot of Bean's murder, and that he and Neu would be there. MCD and Neu find Goombella, who explains her ordeal to them. She describes the footsteps as heavy, and the colour of the attacker as orange.

The scene around MCS' murder is set up for investigation. The murderer knew where the blow would cause the quickest, less painful death, and they removed the murder weapon. Out at a meal, the team notice that the date of the funeral for the Major team, who are assumed dead. This is interrupted, however, by two trolls appearing in town: Smoke and Jakebastille.

My Revenge

Jakebastille explains how he survived and makes an embarassing slip of the tongue. Then they fight each other, for some reason. Eventually, Smoke burns away and dies (somehow) and Jakebastille, before knocking BMB against a wall and trying to shoot a civilian, is shot and killed. The ambulance arrives, and the spam they created is cleaned up. BMB, unfortunately, breaks his back and legs, and can never walk again. However, the team make an agreement to move Smasher up to the major team and BMB down to the minor.

The day of the funeral comes, and the rest of the Wiki Staff and Police Force are to lay a wreath each for their lost comrades. Knife, however, trips when he tries to lay his.

A Shocking Discovery

MCD and Knife talk about the recent murders, and then MCD decides to take his team to investigate them further. They do just that, and meet NSM and his dog, Jake. They notice some footprints, which stop and start pretty abruptly. Jake begins to act up, annoying MCD, but Neu soon realises that the dog can sense something isn't up. They find the bodies of the two trolls in the dumpster.

Late Night Garbage Run

The team discuss whether these bodies are connected directly to the murder, and whether they happened too early to have relevance. Smasher notes that the bins were emptied just before the murder, at 9PM - all of the other times are much earlier than this, so somebody may have changed the timetable in accordance with the murder. The team deduce that a user must have committed all three killings, and they hid in the dumpster.

MCD and Smasher go off to investigate the Wiki Garbage Collections section at the Wiki Maintenance building. They are taken up to the boss' room, who reveals a certain user called Brown McYoshi changed the schedule - MCD remembers him as one of the users who opposed his proposal and then disappeared. Ralph calls up MCD and tells him to urgently get back to the station.

Sysop Tower Investigation

The station is in chaos, as Ralph has been informed by an anonymous source that a bomb has been placed in Sysop Tower. Neu and BMB stay at the station, while everyone else goes to investigate and evacuate the Sysops. Smasher, Emperor Yoshi and Zero take care of things outside. Edofenrir is at the tower, and claims to have seen a figure with a dark aura before the tower underwent a blackout. Phoenix Rider backs this up, claiming he followed the figure up to Floor 14. Knife is on Floor 14, and points out a piece of purple cloth on the floor. Bones evacuates Porple, but still can't find the bomb.

MCD claims to have found the bomb on Floor 16, but is seemingly attacked. Bones and Ralph find pools of blood leading down to Floor 5 - a floor off-limits to everybody. They enter the room to find a corpse, but MCD shows up unharmed. However, they are all knocked to the floor by something. When they wake up, they see a bomb, the timer of which indicates it being just about to explode. It's a fake, however, and another explosion happens elsewhere. Emperor Yoshi arrives and helps the three back to their feet, but is suddenly stabbed and decapitated by somebody with a sword: Peachycakes

She attacks MCD, Bones and Ralph, but eventually gets shot in the stomach and collapses. When Ralph goes to check if she's dead, she gets up, unharmed, pins him against a wall and rips off his hand, disappearing into the darkness. MCD is informed that the MarioWiki Tower was blown up, killing and injuring a large number of users (among which, Tucayo, who wasn't killed, but badly injured).

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