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Comic 128

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Comic 128
Creator Super Luigi 128
Debut May 16, 2012
Genre Random/Fighting
Latest Issue Issue III
Rating Rating Pending: Will be decided after 5/10 issues have been made.

Comic 128 is a comic created by super luigi 128. The comic was put on hiatus in 2012 due to very few people signing up, and was then officially cancelled in May 2013




Issue I, Prologue part 1, Spaghetti! - Characters Introduced: Super Luigi 128

Issue II, Prologue part 2, Secret of the Ultra-Mart - Characters Introduced: Super Mario 128,

Issue III, Prologue part 3, An Evil Shadow



  1. Signing up means that you are giving me permission to use your character
  2. If you want to sign up with more than one form, write your forms beside your name.

No more than 4 forms per character (including normal form)

Main Heroes

4 more

  1. Super Luigi 128 Normal, Goomba, Bowser Jr. - Main Hero
  2. Super Mario 128 Normal, Koopa, Kirby, Link - Second Main Hero
  3. Boshi II Normal - Third Main Hero
  4. Pokebub Recon Form - Super Luigi 128's Trainee/Third Main Hero

Minor Heroes

12 more

Main Villains

3 more

  1. Shadow Luigi 821 Normal, Bowser, Shop Owner, Mecha Luigi 821 - Main Villain
  2. Bakoshi II Spy, Chef, Ukelele player, Ninja

Minor Villains

12 more


Note:People making cameo appearences may only use their normal form.

25 more