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Coded Logs Online: What Happens Next

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The cover of CLO:WHN.

Coded Logs Online: What Happens Next is the sequel series to the three-part story Coded Logs, mostly written and edited by Scarecrow von Steuben. Yoshario, Ultima Bahamut, Kingbowser99, and possibly The Blue Dragon are all helping Steuben by writing rough drafts of sections of the story from their perspective, which Steuben incorporates various pieces of into the story. This helps him get a sense of each character's personality and allows him to avoid them being out of character. What Happens Next will be comprised of the next three Acts in the Coded Logs saga.
What Happens Next was first revealed on its website. The website, in turn, was revealed privately to 1337Yoshi at first, then later revealed to the public.

Confirmed Acts