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Coded Logs/Act I

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  • Entering weblog #180 by user CodedMessages
    • Good news, loyal readers! I have decided to join the Mariowiki. I’ve heard so much about this fabled place- apparently, it’s one of the best communities on the internet. Their capital city, Wikisburg- ohhhhh, I look forward so much to seeing the great, shining, huge articles. I’ll probably set up residence somewhere in the Featured Articles- Leet Town is being demolished, sadly, so I’ll never get the chance to see it. Well, maybe if I hurry, I can see it before they demolish it. That’s all for now, folks- CodedMessages signing off!

  • Entering weblog #181 by user CodedMessages
    • I did it! I am now an official user of the Mariowiki. It was really dramatic when I arrived; I was a guest at first, and I was going to Sysop Tower to get an account, when suddenly there were trolls and spammers everywhere! I was with a couple new users, asking them how I got to the Account Registration Desk, when suddenly these THINGS wearing black dresses and… weird… snappy jaws appeared. I think they were sockpuppets. Anyway, they were assaulting the tower, and then suddenly there were a bunch of users there fighting them! I caught a glimpse of some sort of green and yellow dragon-like user roasting a sockpuppet, and there was a guy who kept turning paper thin so none of the trolls could hit him, and he would slice them in half, like he was giving them huge paper cuts! There were hundreds more- a blue dragon with a gun, a loud guy who threw WAFFLES at the enemy, a ghosty fellow, even a moose! It was insane but WONDERFUL! They beat up the trolls, but their leader (she was like a creepy princess girl) escaped. Wow. After the fight, I registered myself. Yay, I can’t wait!

  • Entering weblog #182 by user CodedMessages
    • Meh, things are doing okay. On my first day I got insulted by some idiot named Steuben. He thinks I’m a “n00b” because I accidentally erased his userpage. It was an accident, but he’s still really mad… anyway, I shouldn’t have to worry about him, because he’s not usually in the Mariowiki- mostly in the Userpedia area. But on the bright side, I made friends with a guy named Yoshario. He’s nice. He works as a comics artist… sadly, he’s not doing too well; the competition is shunting him out. No one wants a just-decent comic when there’s Inter Arma Enim Silent Leges around.

  • Entering weblog #183 by user CodedMessages
    • Good news! Steuben has become my friend. There was a troll- a really fat and ugly one- who was going around preaching lots of racism and saying that the Mariowiki hated Catholics. Steuben attacked him, and the troll’s henchgirl (I found out later her name was Maria) tried to stab Steuben in the back. I knocked the girl away, and the troll was distracted enough for the blue dragon I mentioned earlier (I found out his name was 1337Yoshi) to ban the troll. Steuben knew his life was indebted to me, so… we’re friends. Yay. :)

  • Entering weblog #184 by user CodedMessages
    • I met a nice girl named Bean. We fought some trolls together and I was going to ask her out on a date but then the paper guy appeared and kicked me out. Literally.

  • Entering weblog #185 by user CodedMessages
    • I now officially have a role model. His name is Super-Yoshi. There was a fight going on, and a troll named Kazzy was trying to rally support to overthrow the wiki. S-Y appears, walks up to the troll, and roundhouse kicks him through the window. That’s awesome. That’s just awesome.

  • Entering weblog #186 by user CodedMessages
    • Yoshario has been facing worse and worse luck. 1337Yoshi almost banned him once. Poor Yoshario just doesn’t realize what he’s doing wrong… his comics are failing, his reputation is declining… I have to help him somehow. But how?

  • Entering weblog #187 by user CodedMessages
    • There was a bit of dissent today. Wayoshi, the former assistant of our wiki leader Porplemontage, tried to overthrow Porple. He failed, of course, and I’m proud to say I helped stop him. He’d knocked 1337Yoshi, Stooben Rooben, Cobold, and a bunch of others unconscious, and he was about to kill Crypt Raider when I grabbed a banhammer from 1337 and whacked Wayoshi in the back with it. It didn’t beat him instantly, but it stunned him, and Crypt was able to get back up and keep fighting. Then 1337 woke up, and BLAM, Wayoshi was sent right to the Spam Vault. It was so cool, oh man!

  • Entering weblog #188 by user CodedMessages
    • Things are going great. I’ve been officially put on the list of possible sysops… I’ll have to be even more active. I don’t want to miss this chance!

  • Entering weblog #189 by user CodedMessages
    • I helped revert a bit of spam today, and made a few articles. Nothing interesting happened, other than Cube Game the troll appearing and then being pwned by Super-Yoshi.

  • Entering weblog #190 by user CodedMessages
    • AHAHAHAHAHAAAAA! THIS IS PERFECT! Porplemontage has actually chosen ME to be an ambassador to Unmariowiki! I’ll get a chance to help try and stop the Cube Game hostilities (Cube Game is a sysop on Unmario, and he’s a troll on Mariowiki, so there have been some tensions between our two wikis). If I can help convince Cube Game to stop, I’ll be promoted to sysop, I know I will!

  • Entering weblog #191 by user CodedMessages
    • Boy, it’s been a while since I last posted. A LOT has gone on in the past couple of days! I went to Unmario. The admins there were very nice and reasonable, Purple Ninjakoopa especially. I couldn’t help wondering why they let Cube Game do what he does. Anyway, a girl named Elvira went with me to negotiate. No luck at first, but eventually (it’s a long story, I’ll tell it later) Cube Game surrendered and gave Elvira the password to his account! So now Elvira’s a sysop on Unmario. I went home to Mariowiki sad, because I hadn’t really had anything to do with Cube Game’s surrender, so I didn’t think they would promote me. But as it turns out, since more and more sysops had been leaving recently, they had been planning to promote me to sysop anyway! So I’m in Sysop Tower right now. There’s a lot of big stuff going on, but it’s top-secret, so I can’t say. Oh man, I’m excited. They say my next big mission will be to the Spam Vault, to try and work out an alliance with some minor trolls against some of the bigger ones still on the loose, like Logan. Ah, Porplemontage is calling me… gtg. He makes the best cookies this side of the Internet, and judging from the smell, they’re fresh out of the oven.