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Coded Logs

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Coded Logs is a user story written by SvS. The first two Acts are written is a blog format, said blog being maintained by a fictional user named CodedMessages. Coded Logs is divided into three acts. Steuben has never written an actual wiki story before this, only wiki comics.

It was originally called Cryptic Logs, but due to viewer confusion over whether the protagonist (named CrypticMessages) was Crypt Raider under a different name, it was changed to Coded Logs.



At the release of the first Act, Coded Logs received a bit of mild criticism over the title confusion. Later, though, it received acclaim by many users and was called "refreshing to read" by Peachycakes 3.14. The second Act met with slightly less positive reviews, and the tragic third Act appears to be considered the best of the three.
Its creator currently considers the third act to be, in fact, the worst.