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Chibiki Daisy

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Chibiki Daisy
Member of: Chronological Order
  • Super Mario Wiki
  • Super Mario Boards
  • Userpedia
Rank By Site
  • Autoconfirmed User
  • User
  • User
Species Ghost
Location Iowa
Join date By Site
  • Late December 2010
  • September 28, 2014
  • November 2014
Gender Female
Likes Mario series, Negima, Touhou Project
Dislikes Headaches, Homework
Age 13

I'm terrible at drawing, but I still do it anyways, so meh.

Chibiki Daisy

Chibiki Daisy is a female User of the Mario Wiki, Super Mario Boards, and Userpedia.


The Beginning of a Journey

In late December 2010, Chibiki Daisy came to the wiki as a guest looking for information on the Mario Kart games. She decided the wiki was a very nice place and joined a few days later. Back then, Chibiki Daisy was better known as Daisyluva99 and spent most of her time in the chat instead of actually editing. She was much younger at the time, so she didn't know any better. She soon found "The 'Shroom" and decided it was worth a read, and after reading an issue, she decided to make it a commitment to read every issue of "The 'Shroom" soon after it came out. About a year after joining, Chibiki Daisy mysteriously disappeared from the wiki.

Grand Return to the Wiki and Joining the Super Mario Boards

In January 2014, Chibiki Daisy returned to the wiki after about two years absense. By this point, she had a tablet which made accessing the wiki easier. She made a few edits to fix grammar issues and told a few people in chat about the play she was in. She continued to read "The 'Shroom" when it came out each month. One September afternoon, Chibiki Daisy was reading "The 'Shroom" like she always was and saw the section about Awards Mafia IV. She loved Mafia games, so she headed right over to the Super Mario Boards to register. However, when she signed up on the boards, she didn't realize that you wiki and forum usernames were supposed to be the same. A few days later, she asked for a name change on the wiki and got it changed to what it is now.

Discovering Userpedia

In early November 2014, Chibiki Daisy saw a forum thread discussing something on Userpedia. She had heard of Userpedia before but didn't know what it was, so she decided to Google search it. She found that Userpedia was a site that displays user-based fanfictions, comics, sprites, and the like. She liked writing fanfictions, so she decided to join.


Chibiki Daisy is a ghost with long, light blue hair and purple eyes. She wears a maid outfit because she is also a maid. She always has three hitodama following her at all times.


Chibiki Daisy is a very kind and quiet person. She always tries to act polite to everyone on the forums. She has a bit of an evil side, but you won't see it unless she gets mad (which she rarely ever does).


Chibiki Daisy isn't very fast or strong, but what she lacks in strength she makes up for in defense.



Chibiki Daisy is extremely skilled at spellcasting. She can cast almost any spell in five seconds or less. The strength of her spells can vary from weak to extremely powerful. She also knows various forms of cryokinesis.

Being a ghost, Chibiki Daisy has the ability to float. She can also vanish at will.


Chibiki Daisy has knives with her at all times in case she has to throw some at a threat. She is also skilled at archery, and can use cryokinesis to freeze the arrows. However, she rarely does this.


  • Chibiki Daisy loves acting and has been in three theatre productions as of December 2014.
  • Chibiki Daisy has been known to mostly keep her cool in Mafia games. If something from a game upsets her, she'll play osu! to vent out her frustration, as music calms her.
  • Chibiki Daisy has written translated lyrics for two songs and original lyrics for three songs.
  • Chibiki Daisy sometimes calls herself "Grammar Girl" in real life. The reason this is, is because when one of her friends uses improper grammar in real life, she corrects them.
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