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Cheese Meadows

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Cheese Meadows

Cheese Meadows is a place far away from Leet Town, near Paper Plains. It is inhabited by Cheese Cows, which is the main attraction for Cheese Meadows. Cheese Meadows is also dangerous, has legend several users have disappeared there. The place looks strange, has it's an illusion if you look at it in bird's-eye-view that it'll look like cheese, meaning that the grass is yellow and orange. However, it tastes worse then real grass. It is also thick and tall meaning it's hard to see, but up hills where the Cheese Cows live are more safe view. Banana Buddy also lives in Cheese Meadows, but thinks some Cheese Cows are the cause of trouble, so he isn't scared living there. GreenThunder and New Super Mario also live quietly in Cheese Meadows. Like Banana Buddy they are not afraid of the rumors and lives peacefully in Cheese Meadows and goes into town when ever he needs to.