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Cashew Comics

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Cashew Comics
Creator Puddin
Debut September 28th, 2013
Genre Comedy/Adventure
Latest Issue Episode 22 (Canceled)
Rating PG


Macadamia Kai | Cashew Comics | RC


With chaos plaguing the land, it will be up to three heroes to restore peace. Do they have what it takes? Cashew Comics is a four panel, comedic adventure sprite comic. Beginning at Toadbert's house in Nutville (a town in the main world of the Cashew Universe) the story is centered around "Cashew Universe versions" of Super Mario Boards and Userpedia members. Cashew Comics was canceled in May of 2014.



  • In Episode 9, the characters speak in reference to Puddin's canceled comic Anton the 5th Mushketeer. In the Cashew Universe, the events of the Macadamia Realm (where AT5M takes place) are considered to have been parts of an unfinished movie the characters in the Cashew Universe were involved in.
  • Fred the Spanyard, Dr. Donez, and Bill the Extra Guy from NC Comix cameo in Episode 16.

Sprite Credits

Rips: Bob799, redblueyellow, megamario1234, Mageker, Croshi, AJ Nitro, Grim, Techokami, Puggsoy, DuDul, Sploder, Dazz, CS, Ryan914, Bacon, VGMaps, Davias, Guycott, Lemon, Ragnarok, Beam Luinsir Yosho
Customs: Parakoopa, Uniju
Edits: Crash, Toadbert, Neptune99, Ultramario3000, Edofenrir, Anton, Tabuu, Stooben Rooben, Krizzy