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Broken Soul

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Broken Soul is a story written by Stooben Rooben. Broken Soul is a serious story revolving around a time of war. The story will likely fuse some elements from Death to Wiki, but will be written in a far more intense manner.

Basic Plot

Broken Soul is about a small group of adolescents who discover that they are actually the reincarnates of legendary gods from several eras ago. Because they are leading normal lives in the Wiki World, a mysterious man named "Sonny" kidnaps the six children and creates false lives for them in the Real World, though they are in a human form; however, they have absolutely no memory of this. After discovering their new abilities, they are trained for battle; they are never informed fully of the details of why they must go to war, but they do know that it is something they must do in order to stop a large army of demonic beings from destroying the world. These problems only worsen, though, because Sonny has created an accidental rip in the fabric that separates dimensions. This means that the Real World, Wiki World, and many other parallel dimensions begin to bleed into each other, causing certain aspects of each dimension to be altered. For example, in the state of Colorado — which is located in the Real World — the location of the Wikians is also a location in the Wiki World: Xephyr City. To compensate, certain locations of the Real World have been found in the Wiki World.

This story strongly borrows from the unpublished novels Stooben has written in real life, but he feels this story will be nowhere near as good as said novels because it's more difficult to write a good storyline about users. Stooben still thinks it'll be good, though.



Chapter I