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Brawl of the Wiki

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Brawl of the Wiki
BOTWiki logo.png
Creator SKmarioman
Debut February 17, 2011
Genre Epic
Latest Issue Episode 40 - Credits
Rating 10+

Note from the author:

Brawl of the Wiki is an Epic comic starring SKmarioman, UltraMario3000, MCSoulja, Scorpion999, Tabuu and Peachycakes. The comic has 39 issues, with four different seasons dividing it. Credit to all those who made the sprites for the trolls in Episode 5. Credit to Kalaremon at DeviantArt for the Subspace background and Lugbzurg at Photobucket for the Subspace Gunship sprite.

So, now that the comic's finished, I just want to say that I had a fun time doing this. I guess I had a much bigger imagination than I thought. Well, I hope you guys enjoyed the comic, and I hope you'll look forward to my next one!



Season 1: Ready to Brawl?

Season 2: 8-Bit Island

Season 3: Cameos are Important

Season 4: The Subspace


Main Heroes

Minor Heroes



Wiki Characters

Mario Characters



*These also apply for the sequel, Adventure of SK.

  • U3: Favourite Comic 2012 - First Place - 51 Votes (28.65%)
  • U3: Favourite Comic 2013 - First Place - 39 Votes (26.90%)


References to Other Things

  • Super Mario Bros. - Season 2 and Episode 23 - 8-Bit Island is where Super Mario Bros. took place, therefore everything appears to have an 8-bit look. The classic joke of Mario getting angry at Toad after saying "Thank you Mario! But our Princess is in another castle!" is referenced in Episode 23.
  • Super Smash Bros. Brawl - The title of the comic and the entire fourth season is a reference to this game. Also, "Full Power" moves are based off Final Smashes.
  • Paper Mario - Episodes 15 and 22 - All of the characters are randomly seen in a Paper Mario- styled battle.
  • Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door - Episode 16 - The title and one of quotes in that episode (referencing the Crystal Stars) reference Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door. Also, in the last frame, Tabuu says "Mr Bones has joined your party!", which is the same as what comes up on screen when another partner joins Mario in any of the Paper Mario games.
  • Sonic the Hedgehog - SKmarioman gains one of Sonic's abilities thoughout the comic. Two of the comics themes are from Sonic the Hedgehog (Xbox 360 & PS3 game) and Sonic Heroes. Also, SKmarioman's "Full Power" move is exactly the same as Super Sonic. Finally, the fact that it took 5 Full Power moves to defeat Mastermind Troll is a reference to the fact that it takes 5 Team Blasts to defeat Metal Sonic in the aformentioned game.
  • SK Bloopers - Episode 20 - SKmarioman states that he had the idea of stabbing the Ax into someone's head the whole time he was fighting the Magiyoshi Bros., and there is a flashback showing the respective scene from SK Bloopers.
  • Scrolling Comic in ASDFCOLLAB - Prologue - SKmarioman says that it would be funny if the MarioWiki was a real place, and then he gets teleported to MarioWiki.


  • The comic was inspired by A Spammers Revenge.
  • It is the fourth comic in the history of Userpedia to be finished. It is also the 6th fanfiction to be finished altogether.
  • Yoshiwaker, Koopayoshi(Master Koopakid) and Mason were not villains at the start, but the first comic they appeared in, they were 'trollified' by Peachycakes, so therefore they are still villains. They are revived by the main heroes at the end.
  • In Episode 6, Mason breaks the forth wall by referencing the Brawl of the Wiki comic itself, saying that he wants to get the forth villain spot, which of course, already did. After this episode, there has been a lot of similar forth wall breaking.
  • A spelling error appeared in Episode 4, instead of saying "change appearance" it said "chance appearance". This was fixed later.
  • The parody of Paper Mario in episode 15 is influenced by the fact that everyone in that episode (except for Super Luigi! Number one!) has their own Paper Mario styled sprite sheet. This exact same parody is reused in Episode 22 against Peachycakes.
    • It is to be noted that they are fighting against Mason in Episode 15, but he is then instantly in Peachycakes Castle three episodes later. This could be because all Magikoopas have a broomstick somewhere.