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Bowserpedia Guild

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Bowserpedia State Flag

Bowserpedia Guild is a Fanon Guild that runs a rescue duty, but almost doesn't refer to Bowserpedia itself, but is still located in Bowserpedia. Any User can join, not including spammers of the Bowserpedia wars unless forgiven by Neptune himself. KB will always forgive them, anyway.

There is also going to be a game based on this Guild.

Please add yourself below. If you want, I'll accept Non-Users too.

Main Guild Members

These are the Guild Members that are most important to the Guild.

Guild Master

The Guild Master is Neptune. The Guild Master is the one who founded the Guild in the first place. He also has the power of leading the guild, and is now forknown to be very kind to guild Members. He is sometimes very childish, but is always put back into his place by Scarecrow von Steuben. He can get very upset at times, but it is often solved for the guild members being peppy, or by giving him a Perfect Apple, which is his favorite food. He represents the character Wigglytuff from the game.

Head of intelligence

The head of intelligence is Scarecrow von Steuben. He knows a lot of things that will help the guild, and he is also second in command to the guild, if something should happen to the current GuildMaster. He leads the guild members in the Guild Motto. He represents the character Chatot from the game.

Board Updater

Someone needs to update those message boards once in a while! And Pikax is the perfect man to do the job! He goes into a dark room and updates the message boards from behind by flipping the board over and pinning the Messages on. He represents the character Dugtrio from the game.

Sentry Duty

The Sentry Duties are Blue Koop and Smasher. They have the power of security, and making sure Trolls and spammers don't get in. One of the Sentry Duties will go underground and look up a hole to see weather they are friendly or not. The other has the power to let them in.

Blue Koop is very loud and eccentric, but is sometimes an annoyance. He acts as a wake up call for the guild members. He once took the guild graduation exam, but failed. He represents the character Loudred from the game.

Smasher is a timid young man. He is the son of Pikax. He is often very good at digging and burrowing. His best friend is MrConcreteDonkey. He represents the character Diglett from the game.


The cook is Mastablasta. She is the one who cooks breakfast, lunch and dinner. Mastablasta is also in charge of the friendship counter, which is where a team can get their team mates to their active party. She represents the character Chimecho from the game.

Swap Cauldron Master

Wario Bros. is the man in charge of the mysterious swap cauldron. He is helpful if anyone needs to swap their items. He represents the character Croagunk from the game.


Katana acts as the security for the guild. He does not attend the guild meetings, and is normally seen on the outside of the guild, and sometime patrolling Treasure Town, below the guild.

Other Guild members

Explosive Pants Modifier

Explosive Pants Modifier is one of the guild's members. She is very eccentric and is quite knowledgable, and also very random. She represents the character Sunflora from the game.


MrConcreteDonkey is one of the guild's members. He's a very witty young man, but is quite clumsy. His best friend is Smasher. He represents the character Corphish from the game.


UltraMario3000 is one of the guild's members. He is the second newest recruit to the guild, and though he doesn't fit in with the guild, he is well liked from the guild members. He has a really large appetite. He represents the character Bidoof from the game.

Pokémon Trainer Red

Pokémon Trainer Red is one of the guild members. He is shy, and is scared easily, but keeps close a small rock that he believes may be valuable. He can be brave when encouraged by his teammates, however. He represents the player's partner from the game.


Feel free to post your name here.

Fanon Guild members


In A Spammers Revenge, he appears to be some sort of scientist. KB99 has revealed that he was the Nuclear scientist for Operation DPL.


Paula works in the same Lab as GalacticPetey, so it is presumed she is also a scientist. She is actually the adviser to Neptune99.

Locations in the Guild

8-077 Bowserpedia

8-077 Bowserpedia is the command station for all Submarines and is the Submarine that Wario Bros. is assigned to. It is accessed through the same door that accesses the Warehouse. It has many stations; The "Wheel" is at the bow of the ship where the Driver drives the Ship, The experiment lab is on the Port side of the sub, the Radar station is on the Starboard side of the ship, and the mapping station is at the aft of the sub



Userpedia Party

In Userpedia Party, it appears as a board. The board is owned by Blue Koop, even though the Guild is actually owned by Neptune99. Although it is not the final board, it is indeed the biggest of the boards. It includes 12 blue spaces, 8 green spaces, 10 red spaces, 5 troll spaces, and 3 secret path spaces, including 3 places that you receive stars from. It also has 2 shops that you can visit.

Green Spaces

When you land on the green spaces, peculiar things happen.

  1. Get hit by a barrel (Lose 5 coins)
  2. Get shot by a troll (Lose 10 coins)
  3. Get hit by a falling bar (Ranges two spaces, Lose 5 coins)
  4. Take a ride in the Chopper and receive 20 coins
  5. Enter the secret door, and either receive
    1. 10 coins
    2. 20 coins
    3. 1 star
    4. Lose 5 coins
  6. Activate Nuke, blowing people back to start (Ranges six spaces, Lose 20 coins)
  7. Get spammed by Willy on Wheels (Lose your turn)

Secret Paths

The secret paths may help you with things

  1. Get 3 star pipes (Near Neptune's office)
  2. Get a certain ammount of coins by helping to heal the patient (Near the medical bay)
  3. Get Gnunu. He helps the player with some of the Minigames and also helps the player get twice as many coins, for only four turns. (Near the mess hall)


A Monty Mole owns the shop. You can get:

  • Star Pipe
  • Triple Dice
  • Duel Dice

The shops are located near the Secret door, Near the Mess Hall, and Near the control room.


These are the locations of the stars

  • Near the entrance (Blue Koop)
  • Near the Mess hall (Scarecrow von Steuben)
  • Near the control station (Pikax)


Please add anymore Songs you can find that will fit with the guild.

The Guild at Night

The Guild at Day

The Guild Partying

The Guild Master's entrance

The Mysterious Stench

The game show

Epic Dialema


Epic Battle

Battle Verses Rudnicki

Battle Verses Peachycakes

Battle Verses Mastermind Troll (1)

Battle Verses Mastermind Troll (2)

Battle Verses Mastermind Troll (Final)

Training Battle Verses Scarecrow von Steuben

Graduation Battle Verses the Guild


  • This guild may be a reference to The Wigglytuff Guild from Pokémon Mystery Dungeon 2: Explorers of Time and Darkness.
    • In addition to this, the sprites for The Bowserpedia Guild are similar to The Wigglytuff Guild.

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