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Bonkuraa Days

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Bonkuraa Days is an comedy anime T.V. OVA created by Gissy.

Animes base off

  • Sailor Moon
  • Azumanga Daioh
  • Magical Play
  • Pani Poni Dash
  • The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya
  • Wedding Peach
  • Bokusatsu Tenshi Dokuro-chan
  • Lucky Star



Episode number Episode Name Breif Description Original air date
01 Sailor Azu's play begins Gissy and Genkaki were in they're neighborhood and They a "chibi" sized little girl name "Chibiko" and They were curious about her family and Chibiko wondered around everywhere and she everyone in the Mariowiki, Userpedia, and every other wiki Gissy has been but when Chibiko saw a huge troll chasing Gissy and Genkaki(while they're running for their lives), Chibiko cried out "Azu star Power, Make-up!" and transforms into a magical girl named Sailor Azu. She attacked the Troll and saved both girls 4/23/09
02 Sailor Gissy and Genkaki's drunk transformation Gissy and Genkaki had to take care of Chibiko for who knows what could happen. But then, Chibiko wonders off again and went into a bar and the people turns into monsters from Super Mario RPG and they were after Chibiko since they heard a "rumor" that she is Sailor Azu. Gissy and Genkaki came in time when one of the monsters were about to tie up Chibiko to a chair. But one the monsters purposely spilled alcoholic beverage into Gissy and Genkaki's mouths. Just then, a type brooch and a a type of pen appeared in front of both of them. Gissy grabbed the brooch and Genkaki grabbed the pen. They called out "Super Crystal Power, Make-up!"(for Gissy) and "Star Neko Power, Make-up!"(for Genkaki), and transformed. but while they were transforming, they were getting drunk. Gissy and Genkaki attack all the monsters they were turn back to normal. After that, They both passed out. 5/01/09
03 Sailor Star Neko's lost it! Part 1 Genkaki is depressed and confused because she founded that her real brother is still alive. Gissy, KingAbra, ToadetteAnime4evur and Henrydamoose tries to cheer her up, but Genkaki was still sad. Chibiko have too tries to cheer her up by telling her that she knows where Genkaki's real brother is. Genkaki transformed into Sailor Star Neko and Chibiko transformed into Sailor Azu. When Gissy found out about what they're doing, she tries to wish them the good luck. 5/08/09
04 Sailor Star Neko's lost it! Part 2 Sailor Star Neko(Genkaki) and Sailor Azu(Chibiko) were on a search for Genkaki's brother. Meanwhile, Gissy was looking in the DNA of Chibiko and found out the Chibiko is Gissy's long lost little sister. Gissy was surprised in a weird way, and act a little silly. Meanwhile back, Sailor Star Neko found her brother and he was dangled up in a cave, which really made her very angry. 5/29/09
05 This ends here? What?! pt 1 After an off-sceen battle, Genkaki, her real brother, and Chibiko were walking home until they stop at a karaoke bar and saw Gissy, Toadette 4evur, KingAbra, Henrydamoose, and Paper Jorge. Gissy tries to act normal and invites the guys in to sing. Gissy asks Chibiko if she likes to live with her and her family. Before Chibiko answers, Trolls break in, the battle begins. 8/24/10
06 This ends here? What?! pt 2 During the battle, Gissy accidently suck the trolls in her crystal and sent the to another world. Genkaki's brother revals his name (Stario). Chibiko says yes to Gissy question from the last episode. And all live a happy end. 8/24/10


Theme Songs


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