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Roy Koopa

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<Roy_Koopa> I'm our resident point-misser

Roy Koopa, Chat
Roy Koopa
Rank Rank
Species Koopaling (or Yoshi, in some appearances)
Join date
  • November 6, 2012 (Super Mario Wiki) (before retirement)
  • August 16, 2015 (Super Mario Wiki) (after retirement)
  • May 28, 2013 (Super Mario Boards)
  • December 24, 2015 (Userpedia)
Gender Male
Likes Game Shows, Bowling, Most Dairy products, Abrupt Things, C++, Recoloring, Empty Nest, Monty Python's Flying Circus, Commercials, PMs, Cats, The Body Language theme, Joyce Bulifant's dumb Match Game answers, putting things in this box on his spare time
Dislikes Donkey Kong, Football, Stomachaches, Bad Grammar, Screechiness, Westerns from the 60s, Any type of cop show (except Law & Order, for some reason)
Theme(s) "Word Crimes" - "Weird Al" Yankovic
Age 15*, 18**

Roy Koopa (more commonly known as Roy) is a User of the Super Mario Wiki and Super Mario Boards. He doesn't go outside the Mario series much, although he has some non-Mario games. Since he only came out of retirement on August 16, 2015, he only has one official wiki friend. He used to write Insider 64, but left because of his research paper. He also writes (Roy, Glitchy, and) Anton's Adventures.


Roy first found the wiki in mid-2012, before joining on November 6. He wasn't very active until 2013, when he renamed to MegaDigga3 and later Gonzales Kart Inc. He joined the Super Mario Boards on May 28, being known as Gonzales or GKI by many. He was active until 2014 when his activity level dropped, before he abruptly retired without notice on August 8, 2014. He came back to the wiki on August 16, 2015 as ZonkMario64, until he renamed to Roy Koopa and returned to the forum on September 27. He is still very active, and visits chat on a regular basis. He owns the channel #roychat because of this.


When he isn't in another form, Roy has the same appearance as the normal Roy Koopa, with the exception of a cyan shell and yellow head and sunglasses. He is more than 6 ft. tall, and weighs about 225 lb (though this fluctuates). His other forms fluctuate in height and weight, albeit not much depending on the form.


Roy is very laid back, albeit a bit lazy. Despite this, he can be found flipping between random places on the Super Mario Boards when activity is low. He isn't much of a problem solver, but still tries to help. He is very camera shy. He detests vandalism on the wiki, and, if any happens, is almost always the first to revert it and report it. In Real Life, Roy is rather friendly, and enjoys 80s songs. He usually is listening to this on weekends when he posts in the "What are you listening to right now?" thread.


Roy levitating a Red Shell.
  • Telekinesis: Since he gets rather lazy, Roy tends to grab things without any effort with this ability. He also does more productive things with it, such as move heavy objects like office furniture.
Roy's other major form. The blue and green rays are from the light coming out of the electricity ball.
  • Shapeshifting: Roy actually enjoys this more than telekinesis, although he says he doesn't use this much. His favorite form was his Yoshi form, which he used almost as a default for chapters 4 and 5 in Anton's Adventures.
  • Electrokinesis: Roy has only had this since Kiev, when he shocked himself on a light switch in his hotel room. According to him, it is most practical for charging his phone.

Appearances in Fanfics

CLUE: The Scottish Mario Play

Roy (then known as Bluetoad63) appeared in CLUE: The Scottish Mario Play as Prince Donalblue.

MW: Saga

Roy has appeared in MarioWiki Saga alongside many other community members, mostly Crocodile Dippy and Lakituthequick.

(Roy, Glitchy, and) Anton's Adventures

Roy, being the writer of the story, appears in (Roy, Glitchy, and) Anton's Adventures as one of three main characters alongside, as the title suggests, Glitchy and Anton.


<Roy_Koopa> kongs are lame
<UltraMario> >:#

Typical goings-on in #ultramariochat


Roy's abbreviation for "What does that mean?"

Your opinion please.

What Roy says when he writes a declarative sentence in an ask thread

well I carry memes in my wallet all the time so

In the "How much money is in your wallet" thread.

<Roy_Koopa> thank nintendo floor side somersault

An infamous Swype typo while playing Super Mario Sunshine (was supposed to read "thank nintendo for side somersaults)

Relationships with other users

To be expanded at a later time.


<N64dude> can you edit my wiki
<Roy_Koopa> I'm occupied though
<N64dude> with what
<Roy_Koopa> chat and soundtracks mostly

A typical conversation between Roy and N64dude.

After about a month of gabbing with each other on chat, Roy and N64dude ended up becoming best friends. They talked to each other on an almost daily basis, when Roy was on lunch break or finished with school. They chatted about various things (usually school or N64dude asking Roy to edit N64dude's wiki), and Roy was trying to teach N64dude C++. However, N64dude doesn't have a compiler that works as of yet.

They haven't talk on IRC for a fairly long time, but Roy did see N64dude on the Wii U once and almost called him to video chat.

Lord Bowser

LB and Roy met somewhere in either Mindless Junk or IRC, and apparently made friends or something. They argued about Kirby in IRC for some reason.

Also, pink stars are NOT gay!


Yet another IRC relationship, Packy and Roy have been trying to get married since about June 3, 2016, but have never been able to. They have plans for the future that they'll carry out if they ever do get married.

The Pyro Guy

Let's Plays

Roy currently only has one Let's Play, Super Mario Sunshine. It can be found here.



  • Roy is a grade ahead in school.
  • Roy occasionally gets double vision, especially while he bowls.
  • Roy once attempted to do a recolor in MSPaint. It didn't work.
  • Being the grammar fanatic that he is. Roy wants to be an English teacher.
  • Roy has a cat named Bentley.
  • Roy has an uncanny way of predicting things. Therefore, he likes to think he is clairvoyant, even though he is not.
  • Roy started the Post Tumble thread.
  • At 6'5", Roy is the third tallest active user, next to Pi and aregularforumuser. However, he is the tallest American user.
  • One of Roy's live chat comments on a YouTube live stream made Nathaniel Bandy laugh while Nathaniel was streaming.
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