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The Goomba

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The Goomba is a troll who spammed on Mario Wiki around in April of 2007. He blanked out the Mario Kart DS and the Super Mario Galaxy page. Palkia47, Smiley and SmartyGuy11 alerted Paper Jorge and stopped him. As a few days past after The Goomba attacked MarioWiki, a new user named Blue Koop joined. He claimed that The Goomba was his brother and that he'll try to keep him from spamming MarioWiki. In July of 2008, Blue Koop stated that he was retiring and then revealed that he was The Goomba. On June 8th, 2012, someone posing as The Goomba created two new sockpuppets and blanked pages with them.

Blue Koop

Blue Koop as he appeared in A Spammers Revenge

Blue Koop was the main user of the person behind 'The Goomba'. He made friends with Palkia47, Stooben Rooben, and Toadette4ever. After the day he said he retired, he came back as a new user 'Yoshi Speedstar,' who also revealed he was Blue Koop. He regained the trust of many of his friends, and even was a big part of the 'Bowserpedia Wars', which was introduced to him by Palkia47. He helped defend the Bowserpedia and helped destroy 'Mario Party Wiki,' and after that Toadette4ever and Blue Koop were enemies. He retired in December of 2008 and 'The Goomba' returned almost two years later, as of January 2010.


A Spammers Revenge

Blue Koop appeared in A Spammers Revenge as the Security officer of the Bowserpedia Guild. Even though he is the Security officer, it appears as if he has taken over Pikax's job, implying that Pikax was fired for unknown reasons. In episode 3, it is shown that he was around during Palkia's reign as CEO while KB was fired. He escapes the Guild with Neptune99, Scarecrow, Ultima Bahamut, Master Lucario and New Super Mario to the Frozen Farc, where he and the Gang notice Neptune and Scarecrow's frozen original forms from the Comic series 1 Wiki Millenia.


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