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  • Super Mario Wiki
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  • Super Mario Wiki: Inactive User
  • MarioWiki Forums: Banned
  • Userpedia: User
Join date Joined on
  • Super Mario Wiki: January 15, 2010
  • MarioWiki Forums: May 15, 2010
  • Userpedia: July 2010
Gender Male
Allies Fawfulfury65, Gamefreak75, SolarBlaze, Marioguy1, FireBabyLuigi11, BabyLuigiOnFire, MST3K, Mr bones, Super-Yoshi, MCSoulja
Likes Music, food, editing, playing video games, books
Dislikes Terrorism, drugs, yogurt
Specialty/Most Active Donkey Kong
Aliases BPK497, BPK, Waffleraven, Raphie, BluePikmin, Chill Man, Pump Man, Ujinu, Emperor Ing, Salsa, Galaxy Man
Score How I'm Doing
  • Super Mario Wiki: 2500+ edits, 1250+ mainspace edits
  • MarioWiki Forums: 1,000+ posts
  • Userpedia: Some edits.
Age 15

BluePikminKong497 (BPK for short) is a now inactive user of the Super Mario Wiki and it's forums (where he is banned). He joined on January 15, 2010. He was an active user on the wiki and forums even though he has only been there for a few months. He was blocked for two weeks on August 15, 2010 when he got in an edit war with several people and got himself banned. He went into a state of inactivity on September 11, 2010. He returned briefly in the summer of 2012.

His reception on the forums was mixed. He acted very immaturely, leading to a one-month ban shortly after he joined. But that didn't teach him, as he continued to act immaturely and be a dick to the other users. He would flip out when users such as Uniju made a comment towards him. When he discovered the thread dedicated to him in the Mindless Junk III forum, he was outraged. Many users disliked him. He even lied about his age so users might like him more (a bad idea, as it turns out). If "Waffleraven497" is inserted into google, a thread from the Xephyr Boards will appear where one uses states how they dislike him. But as of now, it makes more sense as he was a complete idiot to everyone on the boards, ruining his reputation because of a bad first impression. He managed to make a few friends there, like for example SolarBlaze, and, for a good while, Ralphfan. However, he was also prone to trolling. The targets of his antics were usually Becquerel, Garlic Man, Tucayo, and especially Uniju, who he seemed to be obsessed with for a while (going as far as changing his own name to "Ujinu" and using an image of Uniju as his avatar). He frequently implied that he believed the four of them where out to get him. This conflict culminated in a huge emotional outburst in the Mindless Junk forum, calling Becquerel, Garlic Man and Tucayo "worthless pricks" and "Uniju-supporters". He then threatened to leave the community forever, which from then on occurred more or less frequently. A few months later, BluePikminKong497 was eventually banned from the MarioWiki forums for abusing FireBabyLuigi11's forum account to cheat in Ralphfan's Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door Mafia, as well as his trolling shenanigans. The ban was permanent.


MarioWiki History

Finding and Joining

BPK found the wiki by accident. In October 2009, GameStop was having a "Buy two get one free" deal. Since he and his brother were both going to get a copy of Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky, he was checking the Internet to see if Mario and Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story, had two files so both of them could play one game card. When BPK googled it, he meant to click on the Wikipedia link, but he accidentally hit the MarioWiki link. Instead of going back, he read the page and discovered it had the info he needed and was even more detailed than the Wikipedia page. He continued to use the wiki as a guide. On new year's eve, he was looking at some userpages. He thought it would be cool to have his own userpage, so, on January 15, he created an account, under the name of Raphaelraven497. He made one edit to the Popple page but did not edit again until he was autoconfirmed. Then he created his userpage, and he was happy. He continued to be an active editor until around July 2010, when he stopped using the wiki and used mainly the forums.

Editing Articles

Not too long after, BPK met Fawfulfury65. He learned that she was working on expanding the level articles of the Donkey Kong Country series. Being a fan of the series, BPK decided to help work on the articles as well. Several months later, they had all the levels done. From then on until now, BPK has been doing mostly minor edits, adding templates, categories, and fixing spelling.


BPK is not the same person he was almost two years ago. He has gone to high school and continues to play sports. He spent time on two other websites (both of which he learned about from MarioWiki users), but quit them after boredom. On those websites, he had a better reputation because he learned from what he did and gave a better first impression. He is a large baseball and sports fan and can be seen on the popular public website Reddit (under a different username).

Relationships with Other Users


BluePikminKong497's friend in real life and first friend on the Super Mario Wiki. BPK was the one who told FireBabyLuigi11 about the ability to become a user on the Super Mario Wiki. In fact, they found out about this wiki on the same day. They have done many things together, like sharing a forum account for a while, until FireBabyLuigi11 got fired from the 'Shroom. They continue to be friends in real life. Because of a trusting friendship, FireBaby had entrusted BPK with the password to his forum account. BPK promised not to use it wrongly; however, he did. He logged into the account and looked at a quicktopic which revealed roles to a mafia game being hosted by Ralphfan. BPK told his team and his team speculated about where he learned this. Eventually, the mafia players caught on, and BPK was given the honor of being the first member of the "Banned From Mafia" group. However, after discussions, the moderators ultimately decided to ban BPK from the forums. Unbeknowst to them, FireBaby had given BPK the password to his account. However, BPK was a bit of an idiot and refused to give remorce, and so decided to leave the wiki.

Because of school, general life, and other reasons, FireBabyLuigi11 has not logged on the Super Mario Wiki since that day (December of 2010). He was somewhat concerned about the reception he would receive by the community (as both acted very immaturely during their time on the website), and his home computer had broken down. He generally wasn't interested anymore. He continues to be friends, though not as close as before, with BPK in real life.


SolarBlaze is probably the closest person BPK has to a "friend" on the Mariowiki forums. Ever since Uniju started hating on him, SolarBlaze stepped up and told Uniju to stop. He didn't, of course, but BPK appreciated the help. BPK later returned the favor by yelling at Uniju and Shyguy27 when they made fun of him. SolarBlaze was thankful as well. Nowadays, they occasionally play Brawl together, with MST3K and Gamefreak75, and chat via PM's. They also both share an interest in Mega Man games.


Fawfulfury65 is another of BPK's friends. They met when BPK wanted FF to be friends with him (that was before he started editing seriously). From then on, FF and BPK worked together on articles about the levels of the Donkey Kong Country series. They do not talk as often nowadays, as neither edits the wiki very much, but are still good friends.


BPK is different since he has two different sprite packs. In his first sprite pack and his artwork, he is portrayed as a red Squawks with a light green beak. In his other sprite pack, he is depicted as a red Glailie.


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