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Blaze Mario

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Blaze Mario
Blaze Mario.png
Rank User
Species Human
Join date January 25, 2011
Gender Male
Allies UltraMario3000, Smasher 101, Mario Fan 123, Castle Toad, DrToadley, FireEevee
Likes Mario, Drawing
Dislikes Trolls
Aliases Blaze, BM
Age 8 (Wiki World), 13 (Real World)

Blaze Mario is a user of both Userpedia and Super Mario Wiki. He is the owner of the chat room, #BlazeMarioChat and the founder/member of Blaze Mario Pictures, a comic team that makes comics along with UltraMario3000 and Smasher 101.


Blaze Mario looks almost like Mario. He wears red overalls with red buttons, a dark red shirt and hat. He has brown hair, blue eyes, black eyebrows and a black mustache. He also wears brown shoes and white gloves.


Blaze Mario discovered Mario Wiki in 2007. He did not create an account because he did not know how to make one. He created an account in 2010. He found about Userpedia when, he was in Mario Wiki's chatroom. He originally joined Userpedia, sometime in December 2010. He was originally known as SuperMarioBros. but upon learning that someone else already has that username, he changed it to Flame, then to Red Star. However he became angry for no reasons and left Userpedia "forever." Although, despite this, he returned on January 24, 2011 and was reformed. He changed his name to Blaze Mario and ought to change his ways and become a good person.



When Blaze Mario visited Userpedia, UltraMario3000 was the first to greet him. They later got to know each other and became good friends. However when he left Userpedia, "forever" UltraMario, hated him. However, once Blaze Mario returned, he apologized to UltraMario for his wrongdoings and they became good friends again. They are usually seen chatting with each other on either Userpedia or Mario Wiki.


Blaze Mario and DrToadley are good friends. They talk, don't argue, and get along just fine. They are usually seen in the chatroom talking to each-other.

Smasher 101

Blaze Mario and Smasher 101 are great friends. They usually chat in the chatroom and are overall great friends. They both do enjoy, Super Smash Bros. Brawl.


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