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Bern Wigoks

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Bern Wigoks is a Non-User that is appearing in 1 Wiki Millenia. He is the main Antagonist of the story. However, he actually works for Time Q. He may be appearing in other comics, Hopefully being more known. In 1 Wiki Millenia, he is always seen in the shadows, until the last five comics, where his true identity is revealed.


During the events of A Spammers Revenge, Tabuu tells Palkia47 how Grapes died. It was revealed that she caught a disease, and the Sysop in charge of the disease defense commanded that she would not be treated.

Afterwards, during the events of 1 Wiki Millenia, Bern Wigoks appears for the first time. At first, he is hidden away in the shadows, but, as the story progressess, his appearence is made clear. He resembles a Chain Chawful from Mario & Luigi: Bowser's inside Story. He is not actually the Chain Chomp itself, but is the Sworm that posessess the Chomp. Bern's mouth is blue, and the rest of his body is a darker green than it was before.

In 1 Wiki Millenia, Bern Wigoks was being tutored to become the next troll king by Time Q. Due to his master's strict nature, he murders Time Q, stating that he "Won't be needing you any more." He is later attacked by the Mastermind Troll, whom he battles, until the end of time. Though Time Q is Bern's first murder, he murders several other users moments after the death of Time Q, such as Ultima Bahamut, RedFire Mario, Master Lucario, and even Mario5x. However, these murders might change, as Neptune99 is planning on re-writing the story some day. He states this is an opertunity to explore the history of Bern Wigoks more.


  • Bern Wigoks is an anagram of Kingbowser
  • Bern is also from the Mario Wiki of the Present - He too was tricked by Time Q.