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Awesome Koopa

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Awesome Koopa
Awesome Koopa.jpg
Rank User
Species Koopa
Location Mario Wiki
Allies Everyone
Likes Computers, video games, Sonic the Hedgehog, Youtube, Memebase, reading,VVVVVV roller coasters, eating.
Dislikes Fanboys,overly literal people, being bored.

<Awesome Koopa> I'm bored.

Awesome Koopa

Awesome Koopa, previously known as Viridian, is a Mario Wiki and Userpedia User. He is usually found posting on the Mario Wiki Forums or editing Userpedia, but he does sometimes visit the Mario Wiki and Userpedia Forums.


Finding the Mario Wiki

Awesome Koopa first found the Super Mario Wiki one day when he was looking for information on the Mario series, and he clicked a link to the Mario Wiki. At first, he simply looked at articles, and occasionally read The 'Shroom, however, he had no idea there was a community behind it all. But he joined anyway as Wolf McCloud. He edited articles a little bit, until one day he received a notification from a bot saying that the information that he added to articles was already present in other articles. Discouraged, he left the wiki.


A couple of years later, AK returned to the Mario Wiki. This time, however, he clicked the link to the Mario Wiki Forums, and joined the website almost immediately. After that, he tried to log back in to his Wolf McCloud account, but he had forgotten his password. To match his forum account, he made a new account with the name Awesome Koopa. He then posted on the forums and started to squeeze into the community, eventually joining Userpedia and it's forum.


<Awesome Koopa> really
"<yarelli> really"
"<Awesome Koopa> really really"
"<yareli> yes really really"
"<Awesome Koopa> really really really"
"<yareli> really really really"
"<Packy (Sick)> are you guys high"

Awesome Koopa, yareli, and Palkia47 on #mwchat.

Awesome Koopa is usually very random, and is bored very easily. At times he comes off as rude, but can be very nice to other users. He personally enjoys watching flamewars, and sometimes likes to join them, as he loves to argue. Despite this, he gets along with most users and is trying to become a well-known member of the community.


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