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Anton the 5th Mushketeer

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Anton the 5th Mushketeer
Creator Puddin
Debut August, 2011
Genre Comedy/Adventure
Latest Issue Comic 61 (Canceled)
Rating PG13


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Anton the 5th Mushketeer was a comedic adventure sprite comic made by Puddin. It is a direct sequel to The Three Mushketeers. The story begins with Puddin, who is beginning to show signs of madness... even more so so than usual. Concerned, his sister Quickie-la seeks to re-unite the other ex-Mushketeers. Long story short, Puddin goes berserk, so Anton/Hypnotoad takes his place as the Magikoopa of the trio. Their goal now? To stop Puddin's evil plan.


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  • The title is a parody of the French animated "sequel" to The Three Musketeers, Albert the Fifth Musketeer.
    • Conveniently, Anton/Hypnotoad is the "fifth" Mushketeer. Neptune replaced Gupdoo in the original trio, so there were four originals.
  • Solar Blaze says "dear Grambi" as a pseudo-swear in Comic 8.
  • Comic 16 is supposed to spoof Speed Racer.
  • Comic 21 is one of the many times the author has expressed his dislike for GEICO.
  • Comic 23 has another psuedo-swear: "flying parabuzzies"
  • More Abbot and Costello references in Comic 30.
  • In Comic 41, Skolar looks like Farnsworth from Futurama.
  • The Cruel Patrol in Comic 42 and 43 are meant to be like the Shadow Sirens and Team Rocket.
  • The prison in Comic 58 is from Illusion of Gaia, and the desk and computer are from Scribblenauts