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Alphaclaw11, wearing F.L.U.D.D..

Alphaclaw11 is a Super Mario Wiki and Userpedia Forums user who sometimes displays trollish behavior. He used to go to the chatroom often, though after he was banned from the chat for 126 days (for extensive perverted spam and flaming), he decided to retire from the wiki. His sprites are of a red orange Yoshi with F.L.U.D.D. on his back. He is also one of the only known Jewish Users on the Wiki. Another thing that is known about him is that his mother died, so when someone makes fun of his mother, he gets really furious and enraged.


An Isle Delfino Yoshi that finds F.L.U.D.D. on Isle Delfino, but since Isle Delfino Yoshis hate water, they gave it to Yoshi. Yoshi was off on adventures so a red Yoshi found him (this then became Alphaclaw11). Alphaclaw11 liked F.L.U.D.D., because when he was younger he had a strong water gun. F.L.U.D.D. is basically a bigger one that is on his back. Soon the Isle Delfino Yoshi gave the nozzles to Alphaclaw11 and he enjoyed them. Later on, he found and joined the Super Mario Wiki. One day, he found some of Xzelion's old glasses. They were the same as his, but since popular people never have one thing for a long time, Xzelion didn't want them. Alphaclaw later was pestering Girrrtacos with perverted spam in the chatroom. Girrrtacos, the only op on at the time, threatened to ban him, but then his Internet connection reset, so he quit.

Alphaclaw then posted an intense amount of perverted spam, which Plumber then posted to Girrrtacos when he came back. Plumber disliked Alphaclaw for heavily flaming him and Beanbean for no reason. Porplemontage had said that one perverted thing a user said would lead to a week long ban, so Alphaclaw was banned for 126 days. After this he retired, though he said his ban has nothing to do with his retirement. He has been seen coming on chat a few times lately, not speaking as much.


Alphaclaw11 tends to enjoy flaming users for no reason at all and does it most often to his "friends", stating that "it's funny to see people get mad at him". He flames anyone and anything, whether or not they were his "friend." This led to his eventual ban.


Alphpaclaw11 appeared in Wiki's End as a good guy, having a cameo in the end. In Friday Night Live, Alpha appears in the Darky Night Live special made by DarkHero Sonic the Dark as one of the villains enjoying the show hosted by DHS. He appears as an audience member in Episode 9 of The Tonight Show with Jorge Castillo. In Rush Wiki, Alpha was originally set to play the president of France, but that role was given to Wayoshi, instead. Two ninja dressed Yoshis resembling Alpha later appear in Rush Hour 5 acting as Murzon's bodyguards. <br=clear all>


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