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Almond Factory

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Almond Factory
Creator Puddin
Debut November 11th, 2014
Genre Action Comedy
Latest Issue Page 7 (Canceled)
Rating PG


RC | Almond Factory | 3MN


Almond Factory was a comedic adventure sprite comic made by Puddin. In this comic, Puddin, Toadbert, and MCD are evil, so it's up to Anton, Brock, and Smasher to stop them. Almond Factory was canceled on August 21, 2015.


Sprite Credits

Rips: AJ Nitro, Mario Gamer, SP, Ryan914, Lemon, NES Boy, Toadgui, Redblueyellow, Retriever II, Ragnarok, Crazy Koopa, Megamario1234, Mageker, Croshi, Bacon, Rogultgot, Rocket Seviper Shadow, Sphacks, Random Talking Bush

Customs: Ridge Troopa, Edofenrir, Blackhook, Uniju, AJ Nitro, The IT, NEX

Edits: Quickie-la, UM3K, 2257, Neptune99, Jorge, Krizzy, Ridge Troopa, Shigt, Uniju, Jdaster64, Toadbert, Stargazing, Edofenrir