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Adventure of SK

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Adventure of SK
AOS Artworkwlogo.png
Creator SKmarioman
Debut September 24, 2011
Genre Epic
Latest Issue Credits
Rating 10+ - Minor Coarse language

Note from the Author:
Adventure of SK is the sequel to Brawl of the Wiki, and it takes place about one year after that comic. It is highly influenced by Sonic '06. The comic had 34 issues, plus credits.

Okay, this is my second finished comic. I might think about starting another one sometime, but for now, I hope you all look forward to my next one!


Prologue: Another Beginning

Chapter 1: Peackycakes? Sysop?!

Chapter 2: The Future

Chapter 3: Two Villains To Become One

Chapter 4: The End Of The Wiki



Main Heroes

Minor Heroes


Main Villains

Minor Villain

  • UltraWario3000




  • The idea and the first episode was made when SKmarioman was only up to Episode 25 of the previous comic, which is what led him to give himself super running speed like Sonic the Hedgehog.
  • Just like the prequel, the prologue was finished before the comic was announced to the public.
  • In Episode 12, there is a shout out to Pokémon, which is similar to the shout out to Paper Mario from Brawl of the Wiki.
  • Episode 15 is a nod to Johnny English.
  • Chapter 3 had only 7 issues, the other chapters have 10.
  • The final form of Dr Javelin and Fly Guy 2 combined strongly resembles Solaris Phase 1 from Sonic '06.
    • Additionally, SKmarioman, UltraMario3000 and GalacticPetey used the exact same means to attack as Sonic, Shadow and Silver, respectively.