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A Link to the Past

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A Link to the Past is a user named after the game "A Link to the Past," the first video game he ever played. He was the fourth user to join the wiki, even before Ghost Jam, the fifth. He takes the form of a Link, and seems to be a fan of The Legend of Zelda. He is one of less popular users, due to him wanting to merge various articles and get rid of others. At the time when he joined, around April 2006, he was a very active user and one of the only active ones. Back then, he spent time reverting Wiki-dump articles.

Later, he became quite inactive until, months later, where he returned, wanting to get rid of Metal Luigi as well as other articles about forms of Mario and the gang. (The reason for his inactivity apparently involved him thinking the MarioWiki had terminated or was also on hiatus.) Spike and Paper Jorge argued with him about this until he gave up and became inactive again for a little while.

Later, he came back saying that the "Mario Strikers Charged" page should be called by the name it has in Europe ("Mario Smash Football"). Wayoshi agreed with A Link to the Past and they both fought many users over the name of the article until Porplemontage came in and kept everything as Mario Strikers Charged. A Link to the Past recently merged all Mario Hoops Special Shots and is planning on merging all Mario Party Mini-game articles. Due to all of this, he is quite unpopular and hated by some, yet he still is known for actually helping back when the wiki first started.

Plumber later discovered that A Link to the Past is merge-happy on Wikipedia as well, seeing that he merged several pages, such as Rudy the Clown, without discussion. However, no one cared at all on Wikipedia, so many Mario articles there are now on lists due to him.

He has recently appeared to have returned as A Link to the Snitch, and has come to the chatroom to speak about many different faults on the Wiki's part.

He returned to the Mariowiki with a sockpuppet called NARCE, where he opposed many Featured Articles with the reason that they had no references. Many users argued with him, and he made several Proposals too, that many users detested. Finally, he made a reception section for the Birdo article that was completely copied by Wikipedia. He argued with several users (more than 7) and was eventually blocked by 2257 when he said "Maybe I'll come back to this wiki a year later when the wiki becomes more serious, where 2257 responded maybe I'll block you for a year when you become a more serious contributor. His A Link to the Past account also got blocked.


His first and only appearance is in Paper Jorge's webcomic, Wiki's End, where he is seen joining SnackServ's search party in Chapter 5. However this was just a small cameo. He appeared in King Sheet, as well, before it was taken down. He later appeared in the Christmas Picture version of King Sheet where he was shown receiving the Master Sword as a Christmas Gift, and he appears as a hero character in The Fight For The Wiki.

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