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8-Bit Island

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The 8-Bit Island is a hidden isle discovered by Lario. It can be reached by a warp pipe in a secret area in Plumber's Plumbing. Another way to get there is by going on a boat south from Blueberry Beach. Pickle lives on there in a tower built by Lario. After going in the pipe you will be in an area known as the Pipe Maze. Also beneath the island are the 8-Bit Caves. This is the only known place with 1337 Goombas (Goombas with shades) while Ice Lakitu and Ice Spinies can be found near the peak of Leet Peak.


Brawl of the Wiki

Peachycakes assembled trolls on 8-bit Island in Brawl of the Wiki. 8-bit Island is accessed via a Warp Pipe on Walker Street in New Wikisburg. According to Tabuu, the reason the Mushroom Kingdom looked totally different in Super Mario Bros. compared to now is because the game took place somewhere on 8-Bit Island. In fact, the place all the main heroes ended up in was World 1-1 of Super Mario Bros.. According to Peachycakes, if someone digs deep enough into the ground, the 8-bit effect wears off, so everything is no longer 8-bit.


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