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1 Wiki Millenia

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1 Wiki Millenia is a drama Post Epic Comic written by Neptune99 and Scarecrow von Steuben. It stars Kingbowser99, Scarecrow von Steuben and Time Q. It will have two different sets of comics, the first archiving the old series, and the second will have the newer version of the comic, with the same plot line as the first.


During a message delivery, Kingbowser99 and Scarecrow are confronted on a train to the Mario Wiki. They are threatened to leave towards the Frozen Farc, where they freeze and end up in the future over 1000 years later. They find themselves in the comfort of Time Q and his dark secret. Will they be able to fight off the evil and return to their own time?


1st Gallery


  • 1 Wiki Millenia is the second fiction to be completed in the history of Userpedia.