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Ultima Bahamut

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Ultima Bahamut
Species Yoshi
Gender Male
Allies Master Crash, Toadbert101, Storm Yoshi, Alphaclaw11 HyperToad, Mcoolister, CAPS LOCK LORD, Peachycakes 3.14, The Missing Link, King Mario, Palkia47, Stooben Rooben, Scarecrow von Steuben, RAP, Super Shy Guy, Super-Yoshi, Xzelion, YellowYoshi398, Toadette 4evur, G-Yoshi, Phailure, Neurario, Gyroid X, Koopa-Paratroopa, Jdrowlands, SmartyGuy11, and probably some others I forgot to list.
Likes Video Games, Flash Animations, Sprite Comics, computers, DragonForce, Final Fantasy, RPGs, etc.
Dislikes Sports, n00bs, trolls
Aliases 1337, Uberninja1337(Wikipedia and Wikia), Thunder-13 (Codename in The Grid), Yoshi_of_1337ness (chat, formerly), _1337Yoshi (chat, currently), Omega Ridley (Userpedia forums)
Age 14 *, 24**
      • GOD has been kicked by _1337Yoshi (_1337Yoshi)
1337Yoshi kicking Alex25, chat

Ultima Bahamut is a User of the Super Mario Wiki, and a former Steward of Userpedia.



In mid-2006, Ultima initially discovered the MarioWiki while searching for Mario information. Shortly after this discovery, the first issue of The 'Shroom was released; Ultima's first introduction to the community. The first users he knew about on the wiki were Paper Jorge (due to his work on the "Official MarioWiki Game"), WarioLoaf (due to Fake News), and Wayoshi. Even then, he planned to create an account under the name "1337Yoshi". Inspired by the few user sprites that existed at the time (such as Wayoshi's), he created the first version of his sprites, despite having no experience in spriting. He, however, soon forgot about the wiki, as his own computer lacked Internet access and his mom rarely allowed him to use hers. He soon forgot about the wiki completely.


In November of the same year, Ultima had become a large fan of the web cartoon Homestar Runner. He had discovered the Homestar Runner Wiki while searching for information about it, and ended up joining the related Homestar Runner Fanon Wiki. He also discovered Wikia, and started a wiki which never gained any real activity. He got tired of Homestar Runner fanon shortly, and instead searched Wikia to see if there was already a Nintendo fanon wiki there. After a quick search, he discovered Fantendo. He began editing there as well.


In late June, 2007, Ultima Bahamut received a new computer, with wireless Internet access. On Fantendo, he discovered a link to Userpedia, which led him back to the MarioWiki. Seeing as he now had his own computer and didn't have to rely on his mom's, he joined the MarioWiki, and then Userpedia, under the name 1337Yoshi. On Userpedia, he quickly met users such as Master Crash and Black Hole Sun (then known as Pokemon DP). He made various articles such as his own and location articles. Overall, he was fairly active, but did not yet frequent the forums or the chatroom.


In September of 2007, the Editthis.info Userpedia ran out of file space, making image uploads impossible. While searching for alternate hosts for Userpedia, Ultima discovered ScribbleWiki, and suggested that the wiki move there. Shroobario had also shown this wiki farm to Xzelion, and is usually given the credit for Userpedia's move. Ultima became increasingly active on this Userpedia, both in the main site and its forums. He frequently did maintenance on things such as uncategorized pages, and was promoted to Sysop on May 9, 2008. He continued to be extremely active, amassing nearly 5000 edits. Xzelion retired from Userpedia, being replaced as Steward by ChaosNinji. On September 2, 2008, he promoted Ultima to Bureaucrat.

ScribbleWiki's Downfall

Late that same month, the ScribbleWiki server crashed. Ultima was one of the first to notice, and assumed it was simply a minor malfunction. However, after several days and no sign of improvement, things looked bleak for Scribblewiki. Sure enough, the ScribbleWiki team posted on their blog that all data had been lost due to faulty backups. Userpedia was utterly destroyed. ChaosNinji, not wanting to deal with it, and having lost all interest in the wiki, promoted Ultima to Steward on November 3, 2008. Ultima and several of the sysops, along with a few users who didn't retire due to the crash, began recovering articles from the cache of several search engines and moving them to the Wikia Userpedia, which had been started by Shroobario long before and remained inactive.

Disrepair of Userpedia

Userpedia was in a state of disrepair; most users had retired. The site received as few as two or three edits a day, and activity on the forums dwindled to nothing. Desperate, Ultima began to search for alternate wiki farms, and discovered Referata. Plans were made to move there, and many articles were moved before it was discovered that Referata only had 5 MB of image space per wiki, one fifth of that on the original EditThis Userpedia. Userpedia was regretfully moved back to Wikia, and remained inactive.

Rise of Adriels

Meanwhile, Ultima had become active in the Chatroom, meeting users such as Neurario who previously didn't edit Userpedia. Neurario became a member of Userpedia while it was still on ScribbleWiki, but didn't make many edits before the crash. Neurario had his own sub-domain on his friend's website, Adriels. Stooben Rooben, one of the few sysops and the only bureaucrat left on Userpedia, suggested that Ultima and he ask Neurario for a sub-domain on Adriels. Ultima first asked him, followed by Stooben and later users such as Xpike. Neurario managed to get a domain from his friend along with help from Ultima, and thus the newest and current host of Userpedia was born. When the domain had been set up, Neurario installed MediaWiki, which Ultima configured. Ultima told many users in the Chatroom about this new wiki. Slowly, the wiki gained back much of the activity and many of the users it had previously lost. Xzelion briefly visited the Chatroom and was given a link to the new Userpedia. He then demoted ChaosNinji on the forums and promoted Ultima to Director.


I never finish anyth

Ultima Bahamut

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