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(Roy, Glitchy, and) Anton's Adventures/Chapter 5

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Somebody must have cursed either me or Anton way back when, because our plane was delayed – again. By this time I'd morphed back into a Yoshi, so I got hungry about every few minutes. I didn't really want to morph in front of all the people at the airport (even though I'd be interested to see how they'd react), so I just put up with it until I got so hungry I couldn't bear it. I convinced Anton into hypnotizing me into thinking I wasn't hungry, which worked for a while. In spite of the person on the P. A. saying the flight would be delayed two hours, we were stuck seven hours. I almost called Larry to ask him how my cat was doing, but instead I just held my phone by the charging port and charged it. It looked like Anton had some book with him, as well as a pencil. I'm not sure what he was actually doing, but from his expression I inferred that he was doing Sudoku. I could be wrong, but it really doesn't matter.

Bucharest had a fairly nice hotel (I'd expect nothing less from Anton, who had just gotten paid). Of course the first thing Anton wanted to do was go for a swim, but we both unpacked first. Anton was all on my case because I'd made such a mess unpacking, but his bed looked just about as bad as mine. I decided to go swimming with Anton (after all, I'd only gone in for a few minutes in Kiev) since I really had nothing better to do. Just for the sake of “why not” and because nobody else was there, I morphed into a Cheep Cheep for a few seconds to see what it was like breathing underwater. It wasn't much different than regular swimming, so I just morphed back into a Yoshi. We got back to our room. Despite not dripping, I was still moist; and since water and paper don't mix very well, I was telekinetically moving my pen while I wrote down a list of things to do in Bucharest. Since it had gotten rather late (we were supposed to be in Bucharest around 11:00 A.M. their time, but it ended up being about 6:00 P.M. instead). Our swim took about an hour, putting the time at 7:00 P.M., and by the time we had decided what we were going to do, it had gotten to be about 8:30 P.M. Anton and I got dinner at the hotel which was about an hour, if not a bit longer. I'm not sure about Anton, but I was tired from doing almost nothing all day. I did a quick Google search on “Will staring at a picture make me dream about it” which yielded no help at all. I tried it to see if I could post something somewhere by staring at a picture of Falco (I morphed into him in Kiev, which is why I chose him over any other). After about an hour of laying in bed awake, I'd finally had enough and asked Anton to hypnotize me to sleep.

Apparently, my hypothesis was a failure; I still was a Yoshi when I woke up the next morning. I remembered that I hadn't charged my phone overnight (it dies rather fast), so I charged it for a few minutes. I asked Anton if his phone (which he hadn't used for a while) needed to be charged. Against all of what I thought, he said it didn't, which is good because I don't need future sight on top of everything else I can do. Since it was only about 7:30 A.M. and I'm not a morning person at all, I wasn't really in the mood to do anything for a while. Anton didn't mind me not going to the pool with him, so I just stayed in the hotel room. He wasn't down there very long, therefore implying that he only wanted to get a bit wet. Since I know the effects of chlorine, I recommended to Anton that he take a shower. He did that, and I attempted to clean up my bed, especially after what had happened the day before. I, still having the irritating characteristic of being almost perpetually hungry, felt like I was starving. I sneaked out of the room while Anton was still in the shower. Normally, I'd never eat as much as I did that morning, but clearly, Yoshis' insides are bigger than their outsides, so I sat there and ate for about half an hour. Anton must have figured that I was having breakfast, since he came down to find me. Almost as soon as I got back to our room, both Anton and I got a text from an unsaved number that they sent to both of us. I did a reverse search, and apparently they hadn't listed their name, but did list their address. Anton seemed clueless as to why anyone would do that and I was clueless as to how they found our phone numbers, but we checked it out anyway.

It was about a 15-minute drive to where we were going. It was awfully hard to see the house numbers, but since I wasn't driving and have fairly good eyesight (not an ability or anything like that, just 20/20 vision), I made a desperate attempt to read the house numbers. The one we were looking for, like all the other ones on that certain street, didn't have a driveway. Fortunately, Anton is pretty good at parallel parking, so we didn't worry about that. I knocked on the door (since Anton did the hard job of parallel parking). We were greeted by a silver-haired girl. I think dyed hair is rather interesting, which is why I bother to mention it. She was wearing a cape, something I personally don't see very often. Anton and I glanced at each other to see which one of us would talk. I'm not usually the talker, so I spoke up and asked her who she was and why she texted us. She introduced herself as Glitchy, which immediately interested me more (I'm very fond of glitches). Apparently she'd found out about us from The Pyro Guy who, unbeknownst to me and Anton, had known Glitchy for a while. This led me to believe that The Pyro Guy had actually planned for me and Anton to go to Bucharest (even though it didn't explain why he thought of Zagreb at first).

Glitchy told us that she was told by The Pyro Guy that Anton and I would be coming to Bucharest and to let us know. She also said that The Pyro Guy didn't explain anything about either of us, so she invited us inside and had us talk about ourselves. Anton explained telekinesis and hypnotism, while I was talking about shapeshifting and electrokinesis. As soon as I mentioned the latter, she chimed in about that same thing, explaining that she could do the same thing. Just as proof (as you can see, I try to prove anything I say about my abilities), I got a ball of electricity and tossed it to Glitchy. She successfully caught it. All of a sudden, it got very drafty. I mentioned it, and she said that was another thing she could manipulate – wind. The last thing she did before we left off about abilities was abruptly light her fireplace.

“Dude, what happened to your arm?” Glitchy asked, seemingly for no reason. I looked over, only to see that my left arm (but not my right, or the rest of my body at that) had morphed into a bird's wing (this was most likely the result of my flipping between my Yoshi and Falco forms earlier). I didn't even know I could do this, despite possessing the ability to morph. I morphed my left arm back to my Yoshi form. I started to get hungry, so I had to decide between either having Anton hypnotize me into thinking I wasn't hungry or morphing into another form that isn't always hungry. I went with the former. My phone, which dies all too fast, had died yet again. I put my finger over the charging port. It takes about five minutes to charge my phone via electrokinesis, so after that I went to bed.

I woke up, and for once I wasn't hungry; Anton must have hypnotized me the night before (I have awful short-term memory) because I always wake up starving when I'm a Yoshi. I was sweating like mad, so I went down to the pool to cool off. On the way down, Anton caught up with me. I tripped over myself right at the edge of the pool and fell into the drink. Fortunately, nobody else was there, so Anton and I just laughed it off. We went back upstairs to our room, and just because I felt like it, I morphed back into my Koopa form for a few minutes. By the time we left, I'd gone back to being a Yoshi. We decided to go back to Glitchy's place. I can't drive, and the reversed cars made it so that I had to get in on the right side. The problem with this is that my reflexes are awful; this lead to getting my leg clipped by a speeding car – despite my attempt to jump over our car.

My foot was madly in pain. Anton rushed me to a nearby hospital like he was driving an ambulance. He brought me into the emergency room to be looked at. Turns out my foot was pretty much shattered. I asked Anton to tell Glitchy where we were (we'd been considering letting her join us after we were there the day before) so that she'd know I was injured in case she did end up joining us. After the procedure which I don't remember any of, I woke up with blurry vision. I think Anton tapped me on the shoulder. He told me that he'd spoken with the doctors, and they said I wouldn't be able to walk normally for a few weeks, maybe a couple months if it didn't heal fast enough. Anton also said I'd be using crutches for at least half the time I was recovering. Next thing I remember, I got really cold, even though there weren't any windows. Still loopy, I asked Anton, “Is there an air conditioner in here?” to which he responded with an understandable “Nope.” If anything, I sounded more like this: “There air condidtionin' in here?” since I had just woken up from anesthesia. The wind I was feeling was Glitchy letting me know she had gotten there, because I still was really out of it. She and Anton set me so that I was sitting up (despite my rather high weight, even while I'm a Yoshi) since I was so loopy that I couldn't do it myself. We spent about a half hour there while we chatted (in spite of my drunk-sounding speech, they could still understand me). I started to feel less loopy (but my speech was still hard to understand), so Anton told me that Glitchy and he talked about something, and that Glitchy would be coming with us on the rest of our trip around the world, to which I responded with something like, “Thas good. Thas real good.” The anesthesia wore off, so I was fully awake, but still having some problems speaking normally. Anton got the crutches that the doctors said I would need; they were ridiculously cumbersome the first time I tried to use them. Because of this, I wasn't actually using them entirely, but rather using a combination of the crutches and telekinesis. Anton and I left the hospital and went back to the hotel. He told me that we only had one more night in Bucharest, so the next day we would do some sightseeing with Glitchy. We had dinner at the hotel and went to bed.

The next morning, I asked Anton to hypnotize me into thinking I wasn't hungry; we had a rather busy day with sightseeing and getting back to the airport. Glitchy was our tour guide since she had seen the city before. We saw the Romanian Arc de Triomphe, some intricate architecture, and black swans. Since my speech hadn't fully recovered yet, I tried not to talk as little as possible. Anton and Glitchy didn't mind having to wait while I limped along, which was fortunate for me because I wouldn't have gone unless they were OK with that. The alarm on my phone for “head to the airport” went off. Anton drove me and Glitchy to the airport with me whistling Waiting For A Star To Fall almost all the way there. Anton and I figured that it was time to head for Asia, so Anton bought tickets to New Delhi.